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  1. Scrutineer

    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    Which is not a sentiment exclusive to white people, naturally.
  2. Scrutineer

    Not 'english' enough to play 007

    A funny misconception I've found in my life, when the only bigots I've ever met have been on the Left, also, I've found, they've often been duplicitous and entirely without a sense of honour.
  3. Scrutineer

    Aussies need a kick up the arse.

    Sounds like revenge to me. He came to Australia in 2012 and the press called him fat, and to be fair he had piled on the pounds at the time. Maybe it's a karma thing for him. http://metro.co.uk/2012/03/08/jamie-oliver-snaps-after-being-branded-fat-during-australia-trip-345506/
  4. Scrutineer

    Not 'english' enough to play 007

    If you poll conservatives and Lefties and ask them you'll find out.
  5. Scrutineer

    Not 'english' enough to play 007

    I love that any objection to Lefty ideas is always frothing, which of course implies madness - an old tradition of painting your opponent as insane dating back to Stalin. Anyway, it's not paranoia, but fact, so you can retract that - the debate for a black Bond has been going on for years, specifically in 2004 as I recall when Colin Salmon was considered for the role. Clearly the producers started laying the groundwork then as they knew the objections that would arise, vainly, of course.
  6. And who says it's only white men doing that? That seems like a racist and sexist statement to me.
  7. Scrutineer

    Not 'english' enough to play 007

    That's just a neat way the producers have of preparing for a black Bond, but my point, if I'm allowed to make it, that is, is that Ian Fleming conceived of Bond as white, and it's an insult to him to change his character around. As Paul1Perth says, make another spy and give him another name and let a black actor play it - I'd go and watch it and support it if it were any good.
  8. Scrutineer

    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    What, getting nervous? Have a think about it.
  9. Scrutineer

    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    Uh-oh, another blindingly obvious point flies over your head.
  10. Scrutineer

    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    He's a joke not just because Paxman trounced him (it was like watching a cat playing with a mouse) but because his policies are bad for Britain. Take the mansion tax, which will soon be reduced to include houses over 500k, then 250k. What will you think of Edward Miliband then?
  11. Scrutineer

    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    Who's attacking anyone for their looks? I'm merely point out that Miliband is a joke - see his performance with Paxman for evidence, if you can stand to watch it without dying of embarrassment, that is. He looked like a little boy losing a chess game with his grandfather.
  12. Scrutineer

    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    What could possibly go wrong?
  13. Looks like the CVR recording has changed again. First we were told that "Robin confirmed that the two pilots conducted a normal, cordial conversation before the captain left the cockpit to use the lavatory" and now we're told that "Andreas Lubitz badgered pilot into leaving cockpit of Germanwings plane, black box reveals". You'd think the "badgering" might have been noticed on the first listen. More contradictions - we were told that the people knew nothing about what was going on because the screams could be heard only at the very end, but now we are told that "almost immediately" after the aircraft began its descent the passengers started screaming. How many CVR recordings are they listening to?
  14. Scrutineer

    Not 'english' enough to play 007

    Anyone who talks like this to another colleague needs a good hard slap. I haven't been able to watch him since I heard it.