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  1. Hi Everyone, We're flying to oz in June on our 189 visa. We'd like to take the motorbike with us. I'm getting really confused by the first hurdle!! Is it not possible to obtain the paperwork for the VIA until you're in Oz? Because if you're already there when you apply for the VIA, it'll be 4 weeks until that comes through and you can arrange shipping - how are you meant to get around in the meantime?? I'm sure people ship their cars before they leave the UK, don't they?? Thanks Lulu
  2. Hi! We're moving from the UK to Oz in June, and I'm trying to sort out shipping. There's only 2 of us and we're not taking any furniture so I don't think we'd need much space at all, maybe 2ish cubic metres. I know seven seas do the move cube - are there any other companies offering this sort of 'personal container'? I can't find a UK one. I just got a quote from a company for £855 for 3 cubic metres. The equivalent move cube is £570!! I don't know where to start looking for other companies. Are there specialist companies that do smaller volumes rather than whole houses? Thanks
  3. Lu1u

    Environmental Sector

    Hi rob, it might be that sort of thing, manual type flood defences and tree cutting, hedge laying. Countryside management type stuff. What's your company? Brisbane is on our list of potential places... :-) x
  4. Hi, We're planning our big move for June. Just wondering if anyone knows where to look for jobs in the environmental / countryside sector in NSW? It's on the skilled migration list so there must be jobs, it's just knowing how to find them! Thanks x
  5. Lu1u

    Moving dog and cat to the UK

    Coming back is way easierthan going over. the defra website should have al the information. They need to be covered for rabies (single jab or two depending on manufacturer) this might be expensie there as I don't think it's a commonly used vaccine. Other jabs should be done Then an antiparasitic given 24-120 hours before landing in the UK (I think... I could be wrong) and no quarantine! yay! Flights depend on the size of dog... Our 20kg dog's box and flight is just under £2000
  6. I think dogs need to be boostered with the new nobivac lepto 4 vaccine? But I'm not sure - it covers more types of leptospirosis than the others
  7. Lu1u

    Flying dog and cat BNE to London with Thai Air

    Don't thai airlines have a 4 hour stop over? They do seem cheap though...
  8. Lu1u

    Emigrating pets - D.I.Y

    I find this thread interesting. I emailed all the major (fastest) airlines that fly from the UK to Aus and all of them said they would not allow a member of public to book an animal onto a flight, it has to be done through a pet shipping company. I even rang some, I spoke to someone at skycargo and they recommended PBS pet shippers, and they've been great to chat to so far, so to thinking of going with them. The one I originally wanted to use is just providing too much service and won't tailor it down to my minimal needs! So we're doing everything except the flight, which will be booked through a company. The flight itself is coming at £1000 - £1500 for our 20kg border collie. I'm thinking of going for the more expensive one as it's a shorter stop over for him. Just applied for the import permit. Then I can book the flights, blood tests, parasite treatments... :wub: Let me know how it goes though
  9. Lu1u

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Yay!! My visa has come through this morning!! Applied offshore (UK) 11/08/14 and front loaded all my documents :-D
  10. Lu1u

    Pets with serious health problems?

    Check out the international cat care website for more information on kidney cats x
  11. Lu1u

    Pets with serious health problems?

    Is the cat on meds for her heart? Many animals have heart murmurs that don't cause a clinical problem. With regards to the kidney problem, that's not going to cause her to pass away in transit, though ideally 12-24 hours on a drip prior to going would help reduce problems with dehydration. Your vet might be happy to show you how to inject fluids under the skin to get the cat well hydrated without a stay in the vets
  12. Lu1u

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    We're still waiting, applied offshore on 11th Aug. Frontloaded everything... I hate waiting!!! Congrats to everyone else :-)
  13. Lu1u

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Has noone heard anything this week?xx
  14. Lu1u

    Where in Oz should I live and why??!

    Thanks guys, most of those replies are really helpful. As starlight points out, it's a very big country and very diverse, which is why advise from people who actually live there is so helpful to us. And, as I said, plenty of good advise here Thank you very much :-)
  15. Hi everyone! I'm just awaiting my Visa to move over to Oz with my other half. We're pretty easy going, outdoor/countryside kind of people... And we don't know where to head for!! So far we've decided on the east rather than western australia. Not in sydney. Climate wise, I think we're looking at just North of Brisbane down to Canberra. But it doesn't have to be a city! So where should we live?! :laugh: Thanks