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  1. deerstalker36

    $150k basic salaries enough

    which train are you getting? its only an hour and 15 into southern cross from Drouin and thats stopping everywhere on the way, did it this weekend. People in Oz do treat distances differently. a trip to Perth from Bunbury was the same from Hull to wolverhampton, yet one is a day out the other a weekend trip. Over this side its a bit different as the traffic is higher, but a weekender in the uk is still a day out here
  2. deerstalker36

    $150k basic salaries enough

    true, but Druoin and warragul are becoming commute distance from Melbs. you cant really compare this with uk distances though. WA i commuted an hour and 15 to work every day, here, pakenham is 30 mins away. Leeds was an hour away in the uk but not commutable
  3. deerstalker36

    new to Drouin

    i work out at Yallourn so closer in to the city is out for us. but somewhere poms congregate is good enough. i've found Rob's british butchers which does for gammon and black pudding etc lol
  4. deerstalker36

    $150k basic salaries enough

    living in drouin, so a bit out from town. i have a mate who's moving to Melbs shortly and he's been quoted $500 . week for an apartment
  5. deerstalker36

    $150k basic salaries enough

    im on $154knot including the mrs wages. we pay $320/ fortnight for a 4 bed house. what sort of mansion are you thinking of living in? $200/week for food, $130/ week fuel cost, 2 loans, booze etc and still able to save. you should have loads
  6. deerstalker36

    new to Drouin

    Hi all, we've recently moved to Drouin from Bunbury in WA. we thought Bunbury was isolated but even though we've moved to where we thought there was more happening it seems more isolated than WA. any poms about the warragul area, or is there anywhere in Melbs that is like butler and currumbine in perth?
  7. deerstalker36

    Warragul and Gippsland.

    thx, not into golf, diving is my thing but will look at the restaurant
  8. deerstalker36

    lets get the Mrs working

    morning all, we're making the big move (from WA to Vic lol), i've got a new job at one of the coal stations there. The mrs, Karen, will be looking for work there (Drouin / Warragul area). she's been doing assistant in nursing here at aged care and was an auxiliary nurse back in the UK, although she doesnt have a cert III etc. does anyone know of anything going in the area. she has said she'll do anything (if it involves horses thats her ideal job) . hope you can help Colin
  9. deerstalker36

    Warragul and Gippsland.

    hi, we're moving to Drouin next month, did you find any poms out there?
  10. deerstalker36

    Diabetes and PR

    Im still here lol. My a1c is down to 7, it was around 9.5 Applying for citizenship in a months time if they dont change the rules
  11. deerstalker36

    Bemused by the Australian dream

    We've (me and my partner) moved over to WA in 2014, to come to a well paid job (which i still have) and live the more comfortable lifestyle associated with here. My partner went a bit stir crazy until she managed to fined herself a job a few months later. We had a couple of people we made friends with (poms that work at the same place i do and moved out the year before) and over time a few more (south africans who also work at the same place i do). When we moved i left my 2 daughters (grown up) back in the UK and my partner left her son (also grown up). As has been said above the first year was good (apart from a severe bout of homesickness when i had to go into hospital for a short stay) but otherwise there were lots of places to visit, beautiful coastline, wineries, breweries etc but then the isolation begins to set in. I left a large circle of friends from different backgrounds behind and we've found it very difficult to make Aussie friends as they dont seem to want you in their clique. the constant reference to bloody Pom, no matter how well intentioned or humorous it is meant to be grates on the nerves. It's a 2 hour trip to get anywhere remotely cosmopolitan here (Perth being cosmopolitan) and no matter where you drive here, the culture is the same, the town is the same, only the scenery may change (if you drive far enough). The Aussie lack of responsibility also grates, especially in my job where it takes an age to get anybody to do anything and to get anybody to take ownership of issues. The driving is terrible (even the Aussies say that WA has the worst drivers they've seen), the beer is terrible (they've just closed down one of the very few pubs in Perth that sells anything remotely like beer to build more high rise apartments). There's also the current Aussie attitude to wealth. I hear they never used to be bothered that much by it, now it's a case of owning as much as they can in the way of houses, cars, boats, jetskis etc etc to show they are well off, in many ways it's now worse than the UK here for that People cite the weather as a reason to stay, but then again Nigeria is sunny most of the year and i wouldn't want to live there. And then there is family. I miss my kids more than i thought i ever would, my eldest has had my first granddaughter who i havent seen since she was born, my partners mom has become ill and there are issues with my other daughter, all of which we cant just jump in the car and be there for them. Theres also the sudden changes to the visas, We have PR but now have to wait another 3 years to get citizenship, as if the work i put in when i was on a 457 in saving the (state owned) company several million dollars means nothing Dont get me wrong, Oz isnt a bad place, it's just very samey. Fly 4 hours from Heathrow and you can visit many different countries and cultures, 4 hours from Perth and you're still in Australia, it might be a different view but the culture is the same (unless you visit Bali from Perth, which is like Benidorm, full of Drunken Aussies thinking they own the place), We liked our holidays from the UK, :- Europe, North Africa, America, Caribbean, the majority of which now costs an arm and a leg and several days of travel to get there and back So i'm now looking at moving back, applying for positions already (it's not that bad that i would move back to sit on the dole) and costing up the move. Did i do the right thing moving out? probably yes, the life experience was worth it, not having to wonder what if. Would i recommend it - yes but go with trepidation. it isnt "Britain but warmer", be prepared for racism and sexism at an elevated level, be prepared to struggle to find friends that arent immigrants themselves. @TopTohScnal, the beaches do wear off but the sharks, stingrays and jellyfish are beautiful (i dive so i'm biased in that area). Have you been down to Busselton and done the underwater walk, it may help with the going in the water bit so if the interviews go well, in the words of a famous book "so long, and thanks for all the fish" (diving reference)
  12. deerstalker36

    Diabetes and PR

    Cheers to everyone's advice on this. I've decided to go with the company's MA and they've suggested a freedom of information request as well as getting a letter regarding our condition from our local doctor as well before the medical. The only concern I have now is the doc has recently changed my meds. I had to have a HBa1c for a dive medical and it came back as slightly elevated. The new meds have bought my blood glucose back down to normal levels so hopefully it wont be an issue. And looking at doing it ourselves was a no go as soon as I started going through the forms :twitcy:
  13. deerstalker36

    Purchasing a car with UK licence in WA

    We bought both cars on our UK licence, which confuses the hell out of the sellers, but no issues with the number. I've even had a nice policeman let me off with a general talking to when I approached a village slightly too fast because, his words to colleague were, "what the hell do we do with this?'
  14. deerstalker36

    Pork Pies

    Add faggots and decent black pudding and I would be:wink:
  15. deerstalker36

    Diabetes and PR

    oh, also I turn 50 in July next year