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  1. Hi, me and my boyfriend are travelling to Sydney at the beginning of feb next year. Friends of ours have been there since july and they are wanting to start 2nd year visa work when we arrive so we are hoping to do it all together. There will be 4/5 of us and I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of best places to go at that time of year? We don't care where about in oz, as we are willing and wanting to travel also we are not too bothered if we don't get to work together every day, although it would be a bonus if we could. Does anybody have any recommendations of places they have been and had an enjoyable time? Feel a bit lost at the min, we have literally just decided to book our flights a few weeks ago, was a bit of a whirlwind idea, so excited now though! Ive had a look at so many websites, found working hostels, and looked to see which fruit or veg is in season at the time of year, but always helps if somebody has been to a great place and can point me in the right direction. Thanks Rachel