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  1. No one is encouraging people to leave and enter without an Australian passport. In fact I would advise against it to avoid problems like this. It also is not good for home security, and better for everyone if guidelines are followed. However, it is not against the law, and if you do make a mistake like this, it is your right by law to enter Australia without a passport.
  2. How many kids do you know aspire to do this job? That’s right, zero. It’s a kind of default job for dummies, and people who don’t like their job, tend to be bitter and angry. The big women with short hair are the worst.
  3. True, but they also have the power to strip search you with latex gloves at any time.
  4. The plot thickens. He managed to slip through their grasp on the way out, which it seems they get very angry about. They now have egg on their faces and will be out to prove a point. Good luck. I find acting very ashamed and guilty, and making them feel very important, mixed with a bit of grovelling is the best approach.
  5. Apart from that, he is NOT flouting any rule. It is NOT illegal for an Australian citizen to enter Australia without an Australian passport.
  6. But he won't need to check-in again in Dubai. He can be checked through to Australia and have boarding pass issued in London. He will only need to pass through security in Dubai (between arrivals and departures) who only x-ray carry-on baggage. Please advise on why it is not advisable for an Australian citizen to get a tourist visa. There is no reason to I know, but I am curious. Are there any ramifications for the citizen which you seem to be implying.
  7. The system will not allow him to get any visas because he is an Australian citizen, and theoretically shouldn't need one. Actually, that is a good way to confirm that he is in their system. Just try and apply online, and when it refuses, he knows that all the airline need to do is contact the DIAC at the the airport to verify citizenship.
  8. Hi Peter, There is no reason why your son should be refused entry into Australia. Being an Australian citizen, this is his right! But there are plenty of reasons why he 'may not' be, such as: 1. Airline does not help. Yes they get a huge fine if they let someone fly without a visa, which everyone knows about, but they are also not obligated to help. It is the traveler's responsibility to meet the entry requirements. Having said that, all it takes is a quick call to the DIAC to establish citizenship. And I'd fully expect the staff in the UK to be helpful in this regard. They do it all of the time. 2. DIAC refuses entry. Not likely, but 'may not' be is the key words they use in their own statement previously posted. I don't know of any reason why they would deny entry, but they can, and may. 3. Airline can't get through to DIAC, phone lines are down, DIAC can't find citizenship records etc etc. Unfortunately, your citizenship certificate will not count for anything to the airline and they will need to contact the DIAC to get approval before issuing a boarding pass. 4. Transiting Dubai should not be a problem wrt to the Australian entry requirement. But if you read the DFAT website, it is a dangerous place, so don't be caught carrying any things like Codeine or Dildos in your carry-on baggage. If security do stop your son for some reason, my advice is to be sober, and be friendly and he will be fine.
  9. I know how how she feels. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/aug/08/computer-says-no-irish-vet-fails-oral-english-test-needed-to-stay-in-australia
  10. FTA

    State Of Origin Tonight

    Should be DCE instead of Millford who I don't think will handle the pressure. Hope he proves me wrong though.
  11. FTA

    Sore loser or is he correct?

    Yes, he is correct. Many people agree, but most feel that it was very close, and a draw at best for Mundine. But he has lost all respect by opening his mouth. The problem with Anthony Mundine is that he cannot be the one claiming he was robbed. He needs to let the public and media make their own choice. But he has been like this since day 1, and if all else fails (more often than not) he reverts to the old chestnut, 'its because I'm black' excuse. He could have been a great role-model for blacks, but instead is a terrible one who only generates racism.
  12. FTA

    High Immigration Masks Australia's Economic Decline

    We had a chance to use our surplus to fund local projects to generate jobs and boost industry. But Rudd gave it to bogans so that they could buy a $1000 tv from Korea. Unfortunately the lost decades option is now inevitable.
  13. FTA

    Refugee deal dead

    BBC reported that Australia condemned the executive order (along with just about every other country as well). But I see ABC reported that Turnbull refused to comment. I stand corrected. He is not quite as ignorant as I thought.
  14. FTA

    Refugee deal dead

    I agree. Things are getting really bad when people say that Abbott was relatively better! The state of politics in Australia is so depressing. Theresa May on the other hand is a real firecracker... to Labour leader "He can lead a protest, I can lead a country". Fantastic quote, and so so true.
  15. FTA

    High Immigration Masks Australia's Economic Decline

    100% correct PomQueen. Immigration has been propping up the Australian economy for decades and it is the lazy goverrnments' way of boosting growth. It's a ponzi scheme that works for as long as it can be sustained. But most politicians don't look past 3 years so not their problem when it fails.