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  1. Hendricks

    Fast track Diploma

  2. Hendricks

    Fast track Diploma

    Hi the type of diploma I am after is a diploma in management AQF. do you know an RTO that does it in Australia? Like I mentioned someone I know did what I am after with academy 3 based in Tasmania but that training company doesn’t seem to be around any more. It only took them around 2 weeks to complete
  3. Hendricks

    Fast track Diploma

    Hi Marisa My experience and years have been assessed and are seperate. The diploma is for the extra 10 points needed. thanks
  4. Hendricks

    Fast track Diploma

    Hi I just got a positive skills assessment for supply and distribution manager, but they could not qualify my diploma compared to an Australian one. Can anyone recommend an Australian education institution that would be able to do a fast track diploma in management in recognition of overseas work experience. Someone I know did this through a company called academy 3 in Tasmania, but that company isn’t around anymore. Many thanks in advance all
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