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    189 Visa - Skills Assessed

    Thanks Zeebeth for your reply, do you by any chance know what date is considered date of qualification? Is it date of last exam results or would it be membership date (Mar 2010), reason I'm asking is I didn't apply for membership straight after my last exam (Dec 2008) Is there no way that I can obtain points for any employment pre qualification as I have over 10 years experience? I thought that with the employment I just had to provide details of work experience, references and details of duties/tasks which must match whats on the nominated occupation list, but I was under the impression I just include these when applying for the visa and not my skills assessed??? I was onto CPA and they said that I didn't need to get my employment assessed for the skilled migration visa......now I am totally confused.....
  2. joachim2

    189 Visa - Skills Assessed

    Hi I have a question with regard to getting my skills assessed and I would be very grateful with any help; I am about to sit the IELTS test before applying to get my skills assessed through CPA Australia (I'm an Accountant) but I'm wondering do I also need to get my employment assessed or what are the advantages and disadvantages of this? Do I earn more points if my employment is assessed? Its pretty costly so I don't want to complete if I don't have to..... If I don't get my employment assessed do I need to provide further evidence of employment on my visa application? Apologies but I'm confused with this part....
  3. joachim2

    Skilled Migration Visa 189 - Apply while in Australia

    Thanks I wasn't aware of that, only conditions I have on visa are 8101 no work allowed and 8201 no studies/training over 3 months
  4. joachim2

    Skilled Migration Visa 189 - Apply while in Australia

    Thanks again for the comments I really appreciate the help So basically I need to do the IELTS before the skills asssssment, I think I'll try and get that sorted before I leave Ireland and hold fully the skills assessment doesn't take too long of course if I don't have my skilled visa before my tourist visa runs out then I'll leave the country as I don't want to overstay my visa and deporise my skilled visa coming through, my tourist visa is actually for 12 months and not 3
  5. joachim2

    Skilled Migration Visa 189 - Apply while in Australia

    Hey thanks for your comments and feedback, appreciate them Ok so i really need to get my skills assessed and IELTS sorted as soon as possible then so and then lodge my EOI then sit back and wait for a while I didn't realise skills assessment would take so long to obtain I want to spend some time traveling in oz before I start working there and that's why I obtained the visitors visa and this is why I want to know can I do this in oz and parallel to me travelling as no point me coming back home and having to wait another 9 or so months to get back out there
  6. Hi I'm just about ready to start my visa 189 application but have some questions that I hope someone could please give me some help with I haven't started my application as yet but I'm wondering has anyone started their application whilst in Australia rather than at home in UK/Ireland? are there any disadvantages as to doing this in Australia? I do not want to use an agent as I want to keep the costs as minimum as possible I'm an Accountant (ACCA) and need to get my skills assessed as well as complete the IELTS test but I'm confused on whether to complete all this before or after I submit an expression of interest? I think I need to complete first but is this all I need to do before the EOI, then is it just a waiting game until I get invited? How long does the process normally take? I really appreciate any help at all on any of the above