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  1. heugas

    Buying property on a 489 visa

    Hi, yes, we purchased our home while on a temporary visa. The first house we applied too fell through (our end) so we had to pay 2 applications to FIRB at 5K each.
  2. https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/31697394?s=51
  3. heugas

    887 Apply and travel

    Yes, thats what i ve been told of by a Mara agent. We applied in July 17 and still waiting to hear. My daughter was away on holidays for 3 weeks in december.
  4. heugas

    887 Apply and travel

    Hi, In response to your question, all the applicants in the visa must be in Australia for the visa to be granted. I applied in July and still waiting. Good luck!
  5. heugas

    From a 489 to 887 Residency question

    We called IMMI yesterday, they told us not to do it unless they ask for it.
  6. heugas

    How long before we can get a mortgage?

    We bought our house in December with Citi, not many banks were prepared to lend to us because we are on a temporary visa. Just be aware that if you are a temporary resident you need FIRB approval to buy a house for which you have to pay $5000. All the best!
  7. Hi! We are on a Subclass 489 4 year visa. We put an offer on a property in QLD, that has been approved (subject to FIRB approval). We already applied (Nov 2015) to FIRB once and it was approved but we didn't get the auctioned property. We applied to FIRB again on monday to discovered that they now charge AUD 5000 application fee. We have been told by an employee there to send them an email and ask the fee to be weave but all we got was a standard cut and paste reply from them. Has anyone managed to have this fee weaved? Thanks, Cristina
  8. We live in Argentina, my husband is a Brit and I am Argentine. We used an organisation called IOM, who provide migration assistance, to book the travel. The flight tickets (Lan and Qantas) were a touch cheaper than ordinary booking but what is good (theoretically) is that they offer 4 bags per person (inc kids) as standard. Hence the 20 bags! So no airline charges on that which means freight forwarding would be an added real cost, though less hassle after that flight. But as I type I realise it is not 20 bags as we'll also have hand luggage so probably 25! This is our 2nd migration (my third!!). We made a complete pig's ear of our UK-Argentina one so hoping to do this one better! I am fairly relaxed about my girls - they have to make the trip anyway, will be grouchy am sure (as will my husband who, despite (or because of?) all his travelling, hates airports and customs officials!), so a little (?) extra hassle at the other end will really only be a minor extra inconvenience. It's my husband I have to keep an eye on - no undue grumpiness with Customs, who are only doing their job after all. So, bearing in mind we have to save our pennies, and so freight forwarding is out since we have the 20 bags being transported at zero cost, how's this for a plan? Comments and criticisms/suggestions welcomed!! - arrive at 9.30ish pm, then passports etc, plus customs, x-rays, opening luggage, husband arguing, etc takes us to 11pm to midnight, I guess. - drop them off at luggage storage at airport - head to local airport hotel for a night or so - hire van - drive to Sunshine coast day or 2 after. - return van. Thoughts? Any weaknesses in that plan aside from customs interest and grouchy twins? And Jac2011... What fun! Same plan as us! Do let us know when you are arriving as sounds like we'll be neighbours! Cris
  9. Hi, we are a family of 5 (14yo and 5yo twins) moving to the sunshine coast mid July. We will be arriving to Brisbane airport with 20 suitcases! We decided not to hire a container and bring our belongins in suitcases. What´s the best way to transport us all and suitcases? Hire a ute? Man with a van? We arrive at 11pm Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks! Cristina
  10. heugas

    Mountain Creek State High School

    Hi Nina, I only just saw your post. It is a small world, we must meet up when we move there ;-) I havent yet managed to get any information on Mountain creek High, just whats on the internet which is not much. We will be arriving in July, just after the winter break. I would love to have as much information as possible before hand so when we arrive there, its just a matter of visiting the 2 or 3 school options and enrol her in without missing much schooling. Have you looked at school for the twins? We have looked at Brightwater Primary School. We called them last week, they are only enroling kids living within the catchement area though. Do let me know if you find out any more info and I will do the same. Cristina
  11. Hi, We are moving to the sunshine coast in July 2015. We have a 14 yo and 5 yr old twins. Our main concern is to find our 14yo daughter a good school. Ideally we would like her to do the IB International Baccelaurate. I cant find much info of MCSHS on the internet, can anyone recomend the school or any other school in the area? We dont mind if private. Thanks in advance.
  12. heugas

    Visa SA 489 P

    Hi Samir, We applied for visa 489 (queensland) on the 22nd September and got a direct grant yesterday.
  13. heugas

    Case Officer

    Hi Raul Excellent reply - very very useful indeed. Thank you. We did get the acknowledgement email from Immi but it didn't really say much about the next stage. We're in Argentina and here you have to pay quite a lot for the certification of documents (but I suppose in comparison to the visa fee it is small beans!!!). OK, so processing time means the time taken to process what you provide in the first instance - the more you provide, the better the chance of a quicker decision? Makes sense! And I should upload as much as I can that I have now, all certified, to assist the CO in the decision? You are a star, Raul, thank you! Nick
  14. heugas

    Case Officer

    Just a follow on from this really. Has something to do with case officers, maybe. So, we got an invitation from QLD for a 489 visa about 10 days ago. Excellent. Stage 1. Then we go onto the Immi account page, drop in the application and pay the amount we need to. Done! Stage 2. Right, then there is confusion, at least from me. On my Immi account, it lists a whole bunch of documents and info that we need to upload, presumably in support of the EOI, etc. There is an absolute ton. It also says the docs all need to be certified (big expense there!). But, and here's the thing, we have had no email from Immi and no case officer allocated. I see the processing guidelines show 3 months for "processing" too. So, I guess my questions are... 1 What does "processing time" actually mean? Does that mean until a case officer is allocated or until you have to provide all your docs, or what? 2 Do I upload all the docs requested now or do I wait for a case officer to see what he/she will actually need rather than blitz them with paper now. Any help out there would be great - it's not clear (at least to me!!!)> Thanks all! Great site and so much help!! Nick
  15. Great, thank you Ozmaniac.