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  1. jadelouise

    Sydney flat share/ buddies wanted

    In melbourne atm, going to sydney this weekend
  2. Me and my friend (both female) are looking for a room to share or people in the same position to look for somewhere together in sydney. We are currently looking for work there after travelling the east coast Feel free to message me Jade
  3. jadelouise

    My first 6 months in Oz - a review!

    Thanks for this Sam! It has made me feel a lot better, 2 yorkshire girls currently in melbourne contemplating life, on our last dollars. How did you get the boat work? Good luck with the cows
  4. jadelouise

    Apartment/flat share

    Hey, me and my friend are also lookig for people to share an apartmet with, are you im sydney already? Jade
  5. jadelouise

    Hostel & house share questions- tips?

    Hi Tom, do you have anything booked for your first week yet? We have been looking at bounce, bit more pricier but does look pretty nice for a hostel! Jade
  6. Hey, Me and my friend start our travels October 2nd to Sydney to hopefully stay there for christmas and new years. Any advise on how long to stay in a hostel for and any recommendations would be great, iv seen on google, bounce? Initially we were thinking a week in the hostel as we are wanting to make friends that we can have a house share with. Anyone who has done this and has any advise on this is greatly appreciated Also how much money are people taking to start with, we are wanting to work but as a starting point would £2,500 be enough? Feeling a little clueless Thanks, Jade!