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    Shipping from Ireland

    Thanks a million skippy. Was just smiling at your alias.. I see you have blended in already. So maybe 7500 isn't bad then.. as they pack and unpack both ends and have an agent in each port. Funny you mention the mattress. . As ours are ready for a change so good call. We have a 2006 5 series BMW but didn't think it would be worth bringing so we were just going to sell here. It's in good nick but I think we need to hold onto it over there for 2 years if we bring it in as personal. We are heading to Melbourne in December and can't wait. Sold house and we were going to leave furniture as we thought all houses where furnished from the pictures on Web sites but that's the opposite I hear. Plus a home from home will be nice with our old furniture. Anything else you would recommend that we bring skippy apart from Tayto lol[emoji2]
  2. MightyBelle

    Shipping from Ireland

    Thanks skippy. . Any idea on costs and when you say you packed yourselfs. . Does that mean you packed and loaded the container. . Or did you pack and got it lifted from the house. Also is there a big difference in the price of a 20ft compared to a 40ft. We got on quote which was a little bit steep.. 5500 for a 20ft but the pack. We had 300 cubic feet left over but it was 2500 to send in groupage. Thanks again M
  3. MightyBelle

    Shipping from Ireland

    thanks Pip... do you know if they ship or operate in Ireland and could I be cheeky and ask what sort or prices you where quoted for a 20ft or 40ft. Great to hear you are happy with them... rgds M
  4. MightyBelle

    Shipping from Ireland

    Hi all, new to the forums and loads of great information on it. The one thing I didn't come across was if anyone knows of good shipping companies in Ireland that will do the full move.. packing, delivery and unloading. It seems there is a few great ones in the UK but just wondering which is good from Dublin. All the best M