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    189 visa lodged August 2014

    MikeyD... did you update your visa information in the excel tracker sheet?? Mine got updated automatically!! How is that possible? I was the one who entered my information, but someone updated my visa grant date there!! I'm confused. Your info is also updated, so i wanted to know if you were the one who updated it or ...!!! Thanks mate.
  2. brana

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    :arghh: WOW!! received a direct grant yesterday. Applied onshore and front loaded all docs.. except form 80. Applied on 17th august. direct grant on 16 october. Guys, from my experience-- its always good to make ur application decision ready by frontloading the necessary docs (ofcourse some of us cant because of individual case scenarios), but if ur case is not too complicated go ahead and upload. This is my personal opinion!! Good luck to all of u waiting.. and congratulations to those who got their visas. I did not use an agent!! all the best to everyone.
  3. brana

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Congratulations,does direct grant mean that u did not hear from case officer at all? I mean did u get any notification mail saying u have been assigned a case officer? Or just one direct mail saying ur visa has been granted? QUOTE=navigator;1936621346]Hi, got direct grant today from adelaide team 2. Applied on 4th aug 2014. Occupation - Ships officer.
  4. brana

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Yeah that is awesome. Applicants from the 30th July have also got their visa. next three or four weeks should be us guys!!
  5. brana

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Good luck everyone, I hope we have our grants by the end of this month or early next month!! I applied on 17th August-- onshore application.