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  1. Hi all, Really looking for help. 2 years ago my children (both under 18) emigrated to Australia with my ex-wife. I am now in a financial position to follow them and move across. I have been reading up on the parent visas (contributory parent visa (temporary) subclass 173) to be exact. What my issue is, is with the sponsorship? As both my children are still under 18 they are not able to sponsor myself and I cant imagine my ex-wife will either. I do have two first cousins who live in Peth, would they be eligible? Has anyone been, or know of anyone, in a situation like this? Dont even know where to begin! Thanks in advance,.
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    Parent visa - Children under 18

    I already had to go to court in Australia to get granted visitation when I go out for a month each year. Very long and painful process and we aren't in a position where she would sponsor me.