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    Which removal company would you recommend?

    Chess are actually packing us today to return to UK and so far all seems good.

    Tennis on TV

    Jim Courier was pretty good in his day, albeit that was getting on for 30 years ago, but it irks us and we are not experts in any way and he is commentating on 2 of probably the greatest players for many years that he is rambling on about what they are doing wrong all the time. They have their current full team of experts sitting at either end of the court and giving advice, which is up to them to accept or not. He then waffles on about matches donkeys years ago with facts and figures which he is probably reading from a book and no relevance to the game you are watching. Most of the other commentators commentate on the game and that's it, great.

    Tennis on TV

    Anyone been watching the ATP Cup tennis, some great matches but Jim Courier the commentator has driven us mad with his constant waffle, he is ideal as a statistician stuck away in a backroom. When he is commentating we turn the sound off and enjoy the game.

    Moving in Aug 2020

    Agree with what Marisawright said, get it in writing, Insurance companies of all sorts are good at taking money but don't like paying out to freely.

    Moving in Aug 2020

    We had the top cover for hospital and extras which seemed comparable to what we paid in our previous country. When they increased the premiums and reduced the cover available I went to the local office and it was like a football crowd with customers wanting to know what was going on, a lot of people were affected . I believe they amended some of their covers after this. If you Google BUPA and fill in the quote it gives you some idea of what is and is not covered. One of the main things we did not like was the fact Hospital doctors could charge what they wanted and the insurance would only cover up to a fixed limit, so could end up with a large excess if many doctors were involved.

    Moving in Aug 2020

    Make sure you read and understand all the small print, we have to have private insurance with our visa and originally went with BUPA who on renewal nearly doubled our premium and reduced what we were covered for and we had made no claims. There can be quite a difference between the bill and what they will pay.

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    I recently did some money transfers Australia to UK that needed certifying, and a JP signature was all that was needed just to identify me, all was fine UK end no problems.

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    We are in Adelaide, South Australia and use the local JP for authorising various documents for the UK including passport renewal, service is free and never had a problem at the UK end.

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    Might be a good idea to get some professional help, there are some forms that need to be lodged for a landlord living overseas. Alan Collett who is on here regular is pretty clued up on these matters. As with most dealings with HMRC once the system is set up correctly it is pretty straight forward. Good luck with getting a decent tenant.

    Asthma ?

    Mine had been worse since moving to Adelaide, especially the last summer with the higher than normal temperatures, as previously said it really depends what the triggers are.

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    Have a word with Alan Collett BDHtax who is pretty well up on these maters. He is on this forum quite regular.

    Managing a large bank transfer

    We recently had to transfer a large amount from our UK bank to our Aussie bank and the only way to transfer it in one go was to go to the UK branch in person and arrange the transfer, (hardly convenient as we live in Aus) so we were stuck with multiple daily transfers until all had been transferred.


    I think you will find GM Tax is one of Alan Colletts interests, they do our tax and have been easy and straightforward to deal with and no problems.

    Australia after 8 years - the good, bad & the ugly!

    Actually seen some rain today, unfortunately it dried as it hit the ground, so the ground is still warm, good old Adelaide, a bit slow in getting most things, that's why we moved here.