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  1. Hi we have just moved to Adelaide with our dog Alfred and we currently have a house in Mile End quite close to the main city area but we are wanting to move further out towards Modbury, Tea Tree Gully or surrounding areas. Back in the uk we used to live in Scarborough and do quite like the semi rural life style, we have taking a trip up to the Modbury area and really like it and we were wondering are there any private landlords in that area? we have got references from our past two landlords and we have got a reference for Alfred hes is quite a big dog Deerhound x Greyhound but hes a sofa dog loves nothing more than napping on the sofa. We are looking for a 2 bed house with a garden up to about $350 per week. Thanks Katie and Marc
  2. MarcandKate

    Taking my dog to Australia

    This is an update to say Alfred my doggie has arrived in Adelaide this morning and is now relaxing on the sofa it has been the hardest two weeks of my life and i am so happy hes back :). Just to answer the insurance question i did not insure Alfred for the quarantine period the only thing i insured him for was the flight, my reason for this was that i feel there is a lot of loop holes in the insurance policies and clauses and i am sure i read somewhere that the quarantine have there own insurance in case anything happened but i was sure that nothing would happen to him and having worked in boarding and rescue kennels i knew that he would be cared for to the highest standard and also it was the cost. Now Alfred is back i feel i can relax and start enjoying our new adventure and new life in Adelaide. Katie and Alfred xxx
  3. MarcandKate

    Taking my dog to Australia

    I have written a post on my experience so far on taking a dog hes due to fly on the 10th August HI, I thought i would write a post about taking my dog to Adelaide to start our new adventures. I decided to go with Pet air for transporting my doggie. I had a google around at a couple of others but I decided that although pet air are not cheapest I believe that they are one of best and so far they have not disappointed, every question I have have asked they have answered and I contacted them by email and phone, I paid for the gold service this includes everything apart from the rabies blood test and the flight from Melbourn to Adelaide that had to paid separately also the quarantine fees have to be paid direct to the Australian government. The full price I have paid will be about £6,000 he's a Deerhound x greyhound so his crate will be massive and he will take up quite a bit of airspace. Hes flying on the 8th August with qantas on the most direct route with a stop to refuel. http://www.agriculture.gov.au/cats-dogs here is the Oz government official website for bringing cats and dogs in to Oz you can type in the date that your moving and this gives you a time frame of when things have to be done by. I used this a guide. It takes about 6 months to bring a dog in to Australia it sounds like a long time and a lot to do but there isn't really there are quite a fewo months where there is nothing to be done. The rabies blood test is done at the start because has got to be done 180 days before they fly. I would strongly suggest that you do use a pet migration agent as there is a lot of paper work to be done and they do most of it I only had to do a bit. Quarantine in oz is only 10 DAYS a lot of people I spoke to thought that it was a lot more so for me there was no question of not taking my doggie with such a short quarantine time. I have thought about leaving him with friends and family and I kept on thinking of the money I would save but I just could not do it and I know that he will be fine, once out of quarantine he maybe sleepy and take a few weeks to adjust and adapt and that he may not like the car at first and there maybe a few other things but I am prepared for me and my dog to take one step at a time to not expect too much and that its going to be strange at first for me as it is for him. Hope this helps some of you who are thinking of taking your pets to Australia.
  4. MarcandKate


    Another question - is it advisable to put in an expression of interest and wait for the go ahead before contacting the agent or is it best for them to handle that as well? Thanks
  5. MarcandKate


    Hi there, We are planning on moving to Australia, probably starting the process later this year or next year. There will be me going, my partner and a dog (3 year old greyhound x deerhound). I am 29 year old ICT Technician and my partner is a 26 year old kennel assistant. To start with we are just wanting peoples opinions and testimonials on different migration agencies and any sort of rough price that you've paid for their services and also the same for any pet travel companies that people have used. Will post again when we remember some of the 101 questions we need answering. BTW we will be hopefully be applying for a 189/190 Marc and Katie