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  1. P189

    Bank statements - highligher

    I highlighted the relevant payments in my bank statements. Why not make it easy for them?
  2. P189

    Federal police check

    I had two demerit points for speeding and they don't show up. No idea about the drink driving one.
  3. P189

    189 Visa Lodged October 2014

    I didn't have payslips so I gave them copies of my bank statements and highlighted the payments from my employer.
  4. P189

    Visa tracker file no longer available

    It's still there for me. If you filtered or sorted maybe the owner blocked your IP. (not sure if this is possible even)
  5. P189

    189 visa lodged in july 2014

    If I see my work colleague today I'll ask him if he supplied evidence of having applied for the PCC
  6. P189

    189 visa lodged in july 2014

    A guy I work with has had a about a 5 month extension trying to get a PCC from the middle east. The case officer was quite happy to wait.
  7. P189

    Police Checks And Visas

    My mate had an unspent conviction which sounded quite like yours and got his PR. Edit: Just dont lie about it or try hide it.
  8. P189

    Hello! Need some advice.

    Or if you put down that you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  9. P189


    Are you going to apply separately? If not I don't see any reason to do this. Personally I would have the person with he strongest case apply ie, Most work history evidence (tax certs, payslips) Study Records (Certs, transcripts) Easiest qualifications to get assessed. (You need to have done this before an EOI either way.) Did you both get your qualifications assessed?
  10. P189

    How long. Does 189 visa grant take??

    You can go get your police checks now, you don't have to wait till the CO asks, because they will ask.
  11. P189

    How long. Does 189 visa grant take??

    Mine took 67 days from the day I lodged.
  12. I had most of my flight books in my email account. The rest I got from digital photos and credit card transactions. Pretty sure I may not have got all my travel.
  13. P189

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Got my grant this morning. So stoked! Thanks for the help from everybody here!
  14. P189

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    This is the Visa tracker for anyone who was asking: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkrdCphtU8u-dGJQSWROUlZ0bThIaUF2VW9zdUZmMlE&usp=sharing#gid=84 Please respect the document and only enter your information in a single line. Do not Edit, Filter, Sort or Delete anything from the sheet.
  15. P189

    Bridging Visa Confusion

    Thanks MaggieMay