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  1. aduffie

    Flying out to Perth on 21st July

    Me and my girlfriend are coming to Perth on 22nd October. If anyone wants to hang out!
  2. aduffie

    WHV September buddies?

    My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Perth on 22nd October.
  3. aduffie

    Gadget Insurance

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes I've rang up alpha but they don't do gadget insurance as an extra.
  4. aduffie

    Gadget Insurance

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for some gadget insurance to cover my macbook, iPad and iPhone when I am on my WHV in Australia. The majority of companies in the UK will only provide either 45 or 90 days worldwide cover. Has anyone else found the same? Does anyone know of any insurers that will cover for a year. We also already have travel insurance with Alpha. Cheers