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  1. Hi there, how old are you? It's good to meet people of a similar age range and mindset as a start
  2. globetrotters2014

    457 Nurse Job wanted

    So has sponsorship dried up generally in most states for now?
  3. globetrotters2014

    Official nurses thread!

    Do you reckon it would cause no problem to commence a distance learning course in the UK, through the NHS, and then come over here and complete it? Do you reckon it would cause any problems as long as the university doesn't know you've moved the NHS trust? Hope this helps, Tom
  4. globetrotters2014

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi Loulou2310, You'll need about $20k up front, but you can do it here. You'll need to secure a placement at a designated hospital who will take you after you receive a letter from AHPRA that you can do this bridging course. We found it more stress free for the mrs to go back to the UK and to complete with Derbyshire online university. Short term sacrifice for long term gains.
  5. Hi Katy, I agree with Tom. We've also gone the same route and my wife is completing her top-up degree with Derbyshire Online University. 4 months in, and we're half way through the course. So we're expecting that ion another 6 months she'll have completed the course. It's proven the easiest option we could have gone for.
  6. Louloubelle, are you doing your study in the UK? And if so, have you been to Australia yet?
  7. Looks like a BSc in any type of Health study will represent as meeting the admission criteria to AHPRA.
  8. globetrotters2014

    Including a partner after 457 application lodged

    When we did ours, my wife was granted a 457 as well.
  9. globetrotters2014

    Mental Health Nurses in (or about to be in) Australia

    Getting the process started is vital. The more you do in advance, the better you'll be better off. Things are constantly changing over here and my thoughts are 'the sooner you get into the system, the better you'll be down the track.'
  10. globetrotters2014

    Including a partner after 457 application lodged

    I had my spouse and kids added to my 457 a year after I'd started working in Oz and like 'Ozmaniac' stated, it's generally straight forward so long as your employer puts it in writing.
  11. Looks like they may have eventually come up with a reasonable solution. If you notice the approved institutes to provide bridging courses all vary in the length of their courses. So I plan to ring around and ask about the fees. Hopefully the fees will not be ridiculously exorbitant! http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Accreditation/Approved-programs-of-study.aspx
  12. I've just received an email from a friend in Victoria who shared a work email showing that AHPRA have now held an internal meeting and have devised a pathway for all Dip MH and Dip LD nurses to register. Though initially they will be 'supervised.' Clearly that doesn't provide any form of hurdle. So good news!!
  13. globetrotters2014

    Rental car hire in UK

    One car company we always use is thrifty.co.uk. We've always found the prices to be good and the cars are always not more than 2 years old.
  14. globetrotters2014

    I want to go home so much... Husband wont.

    It is difficult settling into this country...no doubt. When I first came here before the wife and kids followed, I travelled back to the UK every few months, and I was glad that I did. A few years down the track and it is feeling increasingly like home. Resettling isn't easy for everyone, but believe me you, throwing the towel in after just 8 months isn't the answer. It sounds like you guys communication issues, probably have done for a while, and things are just coming to a head. I would suggest that you 2 look at finding a common interest and invest time in doing that thing together. After a few years married we all develop our individualism in our marriages/ relationships. But we've got too work on them even more if a big move like this is going to work. Living in separate countries will only lead to the destruction of your relationship and home. Think about this more carefully please.
  15. globetrotters2014

    189 visa lodged August 2014