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  1. ceddy

    Posting a parcel from UK to Aus

    Look at Parcel Monkey. I have used these before, much cheaper and never had a problem.They collect from your home.
  2. ceddy

    Whale watching Sunshine coat

    Hi, yes it was a boat trip, shame you get sea sick. Last week we drove up near Noosa and from the beach we saw 6 Whales, through binoculars : ))))))
  3. Thought I would share some amazing pics I took whilst watching Wales swimming around Mooloolaba
  4. ceddy

    Duvet and duvet cover sizes

    If you have room in your container pack in as much as you can. I shipped all my duvets and bedding sets.Since I have been here I have bought a couple of duvet cover sets online from Debenhams.
  5. ceddy

    19 year old dependant

    Hi, My daughter was 19 and living at home when we applied for our visa. She was in full time college, all we had to provide was a letter from the collage confirming that she was attending full time.She had a pat time job, pocket money job really but was advised that we didn't need to put this information on forms as she was dependent on us for most things.
  6. ceddy

    Shipping Pets

    Hi, There is no fast way .I shipped my 2 dogs over last year, all dogs have to go through this process. http://www.agriculture.gov.au/cats-dogs . Copy and paste this link.Then you can read the facts yourself Good luck
  7. ceddy

    Small Nervous dogs

    My dogs arrived in January and flew into Sydney quarantine so did not need doggy jackets. They shared a kennel this was all pre arranged from the UK
  8. ceddy

    Small Nervous dogs

    Hi, My 2 small dogs have been in Oz a year now. I was really stressed about the journey they had to make.I knew they would be stressed.The UK pet shippers were fab and very reassuring. Quarantine were great, I phoned and actually spoke to the girl who was looking after them, again very reassuring.When I collected them from Brisbane airport, they were very excited to see me, they had lost a bit of weight but otherwise in very good condition. As soon as we got home they made a beeline for the pool and then had a good investigate of their new home.They settled very quickly.I think we tend to be more anxious and stressed for them than they are. One of mine is like my little shadow, so I was particularly worried about her, but she managed the whole experience fine.
  9. ceddy

    Will all TV's work in Aus?

    Hi, We brought over 4 tv's from the UK last year and they all work fine.
  10. ceddy

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Sunset view from my garden. Woodford QLD last week
  11. ceddy

    moving from Adelaide to Brisbane

    We lived in Bracken Ridge ( Northern Suberb ) for the 1st 8 months. 5 minutes from Sandgate beach. 5 minutes from main road into Brisbane CBD. Lovely area, definitely worth a look .
  12. Thanks, my daughter is fine now, she needed to rethink a career choice as the knee will always be weak now, she was training to be a outdoor pursuits instructor .She is now an apprentice chef and loving it : ))) Whilst we were waiting for our visa someone on here set up a thread for people to follow who applied the same time, it was interesting to see visa's slowly but surely being granted. Are there any similar threads relating to your time line. roughly a week to three weeks after ours was granted I could see that most others from the thread were being granted visas .
  13. Hi, We had our visa granted a few weeks before it would probably been issued as my daughter was already in OZ on a tourist visa, she had been travelling with her older sister.A week after they arrived my daughter dislocated her knee then developed a blood clot so wouldn't have been able to fly and leave the country before her 3 months tourist visa ended.Agent passed info to co officer and our visa was granted the following day. I was lucky enough to have friends and family here who looked after her until my husband arrived. You appear to have provided a lot more info regarding your son than I had to for my daughter. Can't see why you would have any problem with visa. I think it's just a very stressful time waiting.
  14. Hi.My daughter was 19 when we applied for our 189 Visa. She was in college full time. We had a letter from the college, all the letter said was the date she started to present, and the name of her course,no mention of full or part time.She had a pocket money job but agent advised that we didn't need to mention this as she was mostly dependent on us. Good luck
  15. ceddy

    Work Sponsoring oppertunity

    Thanks for that NickyNook. Lesson to myself, Do my own research. Just gave my hubby a row for giving me the wrong information. Either way it is now up to the employer to contact Mara Agent and see where it goes from there. If there is no option for sponsorship it's not the end of the world she will go to New Zealand and continue her adventures.