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  1. Hi all, We flew to Queenstown, New Zealand yesterday morning and two hours later our visas were granted! The end of a long and sometimes difficult journey.We're delighted but it hasn't really sunk in yet..probably when we get back to Melbourne tomorrow it will seem more real! Good luck to the rest of you in the waiting room. Hope things speed up with immi and your wait isn't too long!!
  2. Thanks for the info! We've booked to go to New Zealand on the 16th for a couple of days and I've sent the flight details to pvc and they've acknowledged the visa will be granted after we leave.
  3. Does anyone who had to go offshore for their visa to be granted remember the procedure? How did you let them know you were out of the country and how long did it take to be informed the visa had been granted? Any info would be very welcome before I book our trip to New Zealand (unfortunately I've injured my knee, so want to be away as little time as possible, as I can't easily walk at the moment!)
  4. My son downloaded the forms and took all the info to the nearest centrelink without an appointment. Just make sure everything is double checked with AOS. Despite showing the correct identification at the time, when he hadn't heard anything back from them, my son phoned and was told they hadn't verified all the documents. He had to go back again with the same info, queue for another hour and submit them again!
  5. Hi all, received the request for the second vac last night...posted off today. Beyond excited!!!
  6. Congratulations Catlady and Bryant..glad your wait is over!
  7. Hi NanaJan, So pleased to hear your good news! Relax and enjoy your holiday, your new life is about to begin! Hopefully we're not too far behind!
  8. Hi all, For anyone who's returned their form 80, because of it's length, what's the best way to send it?
  9. Medicals and police checks done and AOS under way. Just hoping we will both be in the next update for processing!
  10. Fingers and toes crossed for you it happens soon!
  11. Any update yet Catlady? I noticed a request for a second vac payment on another site for a 4th Nov 2014 date, you must be so close!