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    Help Looking for 187 RSMS Sponsorship

    Hello mate verystormy Correct me if i m wrong.. as per immi.gov.au 187 is equivalent to 189 PR with regional area employer.. Suggestions invited..
  2. newmanau

    coffee shop business start up

    Hi mates, Can anyone illustrate or throw more light on these Start up costs and business loans also. As these would be really wonderful to put the basics right to explore more.. Cheers!
  3. Hi All 'm Software Engineer as assessed by ACS WORK Ex. - 7.5+ Yrs Looking for a job that is sponsoring for 187 RSMS visa... i have searched high and low with little avail. Any pointer for software or to start with software support as to apply to or send CV will be helpful. Thank You in advance for all your help. Cheers n Regards