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    De facto BEFORE 12 months

    thanks everyone. i read the booklet and of course know the demands. however, ive heard "scary stories" of people that were registered but were denied. so I just want to hear some good stories about people that were together for less than 12 months and their application was approved..
  2. goni

    De facto BEFORE 12 months

    Hi everyone. my partner and I want to register our relayionship as de facto so that we can apply for a partner visa even though we havent been together for 12 months. we have been together for 6 months, and my current visa ends in 6 months, so we want to register now and then apply for a partner visa at the end of the year. by that time, we would have been together 11 months, PLUS registered as de facto. im wondering if thats enough? of course we have plenty of proof to our relationship. im just worried about applying before 12 months. is registering our relationship enough?