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    Hi all - tapping in again to this invaluable forum expertise! We've received formal invitation to submit 189 visa having been successful with EOI application, so are now finalising our qualifying documentation for submission. Here's the confusion - We've been working with a migration agent since starting the process in February (I won't name them, but they are painfully slow, but that's another story!), and we've met all of the qualifying criteria for purpose of submission (12m proof living together, bills, joint ac's, photos & invites +12m,etc), and I've written a statement regarding our relationship - the MA 'thinks' we have enough, but these guys change their minds like the weather (and they have never performed 189 SA for a dentist), which makes me nervous naturally given the cost of process, I want this to be watertight! I'm readiñg in Defacto thread searches about the need for individual statements from both me and my partner PLUS supporting testimonies from families to cover requirements, is this correct? I dont mind putting this in place, though it would prove tricky but I'd really appreciate forum feedback if anyone can chip in - you'd think the MA would be all over it, sadly they are painfully without the ability - Thanks!!! :chatterbox:
  2. Thanks Blossom, hoping a victory for common sense will prevail! :wink:
  3. Cheers folks, a little more detail - my partner is a contractor that's just started a new role (he can walk away after 3 months), my reason for going over is to get a head start on obtaining work when I roll off existing position in August, so...I'm looking to go in September and he can join me from release of contract in October - he does not qualify for working visa (would need to be travel visa for 3mths) so we're just keeping at least one of us in work until I obtain a role (fingers crossed) to ensure we have income from at least one of us. The MA seems fixated on my desire to get out and seek work whilst PR is in process which seems counter-productive, there's no reason why my partner could not come with me, we would just be on different visas (unless I get a 457 with a role), I have no issue paying for the WHV, what I can't fathom is how this would be seen to impact a PR for the sake of us arriving in Australia a month apart - make sense? :wacko:
  4. Hi Adam, thanks for replying :wink: Couldn't agree more - We're not stopping the process as we're far enough into it that moving to alternative agents would not expedite the process, and only serve to add more expense. Alas, it is what it is, the process is not being challenged here. The post is to gauge credibility behind what is being challenged based on running a working holiday visa in parallel to PR - everything is in place subject to favourable SA/APHRA stages to submit PR, to me it seems irrelevant that seeking work in-country during interim process/evaluation should have a bearing. Visa research does not raise any flags in what we're doing, so I'm pulse checking members for thoughts on any reason to suggest why the agents would try and steer us away from this route, telling us to do nothing until PR is granted, that, from testimonies does not seem to have been a frequently occurring issue having impact on a PR visa application - the consensus suggests secure roles before making the move, which is what we're proactively doing! :embarrassed:
  5. Hi forum members, this is an invaluable source for perspective whilst pursuing PR visa to Oz', so wondering if I can leverage site expertise with a 'migration agent challenge!' Me and my partner have a 189 in situ, (started in March this year) pending skills assessment outcome (skilled list Dentist route) that will allow us to move to next stage APHRA registration and then, fingers crossed Visa/EOI and approvals. Cognisant of time frames (November/December at the earliest, if extremely lucky), I'm looking to proactively seek employment via a working holiday visa (I'm 25) and utilising networking contacts and friends within the industry with a view to obtaining a dentist role (Melbourne ideally to start), and thus running this in parallel with the PR, rationale being I finish my UK dental post in August leaving me a finite window of time to get my dream role in Australia before things wind down, which I believe is normally Oct/Nov period. Here's the the quandary - our migration agent (we've had a lot of issues with these guys, glaciers have been known to move at a quicker rate), believes this tact will impact outcome of the PR visa on the basis that our defactor status (we have been in relationship 2yrs & living together for 1yr, with the documentation to validate) would prove an issue as I (the main applicant) will actually be in Oz seeking work (shocking conduct eh!) during the evaluation stage of PR application. I'm at odds with this 'intel', by the point of PR EOI, we will have all of the qualifying content in place to proceed with PR, surely the fact I'm going to seek work can't be viewed negatively? I'm looking to fly out in September, with my partner coming out a month later... Anyone encountered this issue at all, and if so, how did you deal with it? I believe it's stalling tact from the MA's, but would love any advice & counsel from fellow forum members - however trivial, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :err: