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  1. Chopchop

    189 visa application as a plumber-help needed

    Cheers I'll join on there now and ask around. Well good luck with your adventure! All the best
  2. Chopchop

    189 visa application as a plumber-help needed

    Cheers StevenLozza I fully I understand what you are saying about doing a migrant gap course when I arrive in perth, however I am not 100% sure if once I pass vetassess... If i do.... Then will the documentation they provide be sufficient to pass to DIBP to prove that I can gain the points I need to claim for. As in the facts that I have a plumbing qualification and I have worked in the industry for 9 years.... Do I then have to provide all the same evidence to TRA that I have done to Vetassess for TRA to then assess me again to provide me with the points advice that I need? cheers again craig
  3. Hi there! can anybody who has applied for a skilled independent 189 visa as a plumber please help me? I have decided to apply for the visa myself and starting to wonder if I should have used an agent! So I have completed ilets and sent into vetassess my plumbing qualifications and experience Etc... Waiting a result as to if I am able to progress to stage 2... the practical. I am of the understanding that if I pass both sections I will then be able to use the paperwork that vetassess give me to prove and claim the points for working in the industry for 8 years and also 'a qualification recognized as an australian standard'. Am I correct? Or then, do I have to do the same all over again with TRA to get proof to claim the points need for the department of immigration? any feedback would be great! cheers chopchop
  4. Hi, After 9 months of planning our visa application by sifting through the huge amounts of information I finally decided to take the plunge and start the process to move to perth. I wish to thank the users of this forum for all the advice that I have gained from pomzinoz. I am a plumber applying for a 189 visa, we visited Australia for 18 months on a whv, drove around the whole country and due to no television in the campervan..... 2 became three! Therefore my partner wanted to come back to the uk to be with family for the birth..... but now wants to return! I have a question.......I have sent vetassess all my paperwork to be assessed however a requirement of the assessment is now that you must have a first aid certificate. Has any plumbers on this site had to supply a first aid certificate as part of their assessment.... If so which establishment did you take the course and how many days did it take you to complete? There is a big difference in price! I have asked vetassess for clarity on this matter and had a reply stating that the course can be completed in one day and also three days depending on your location in the uk, however I cannot find a course that specifically covers all the syllabus anyway! My second question is will vetassess complete all the other paperwork without the first aid certificate or just put to the bottom of the pile?! I do not want to book a first aid course that is just going to be waste of time and money for vetassess to reject.... many thanks in advice if anyone can help! This is the criteria.... IMPORTANT NOTICE An applicant who is applying for a Plumbing Skills Assessment is required to provide a First Aid certificate as part of the assessment. The course must have the following contents: • CPR, injuries from head to toe, wounds and bleeding, burns, poisons, bites and stings, medical emergencies, chest pain, asthma, anaphylaxis, choking, shock, stroke, seizures, fainting and diabetes. Without this certificate, the assessment will not be complete.