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    Where should I live in Sydney?

    Hey! Thank you for your reply! Sorry should have specified, I will definitely be looking for a flat or house share rather than living alone, both to accommodate my budget and to meet new people!
  2. Hi! I'm Abi, and I'm moving to Sydney in September. I will be working in the central business district and will need somewhere to live for 3 months. I am very unfamiliar with everything about Sydney and would be grateful for recommendations of where to look for accommodation (websites or districts!). I will be 23, and looking to have a good time! Also would you recommend finding somewhere to live before I fly over? Or would staying in a hostel a few days and looking be an easy option? I will be arriving 5 days before I start working so will have a little bit of time. Thanks! Look forward to getting to know some of you! Abi