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  1. suzimac64

    NHS for Australians in the UK

    Thankyou so much everyone for your advice. We will see what happens at the clinic next week and decide what to do from there. Until then please keep us in your thoughts and prayers we could do with all the luck we can muster right now.
  2. suzimac64

    NHS for Australians in the UK

    Hi I could do with some clarification on NHS care for dual nationalities in the UK. My Australian Husband has dual nationality, he has an Australian passport, he has lost his UK passport. We intend to return to the UK soon. Unfortunately he has just been diagnosed with cancer and we are to be seen next week to determine the full extent. We both have family in the UK and want to be with them at this time to give us the best level of support and fighting chance. We need to know if he will be seen by the NHS once we return. Also as he only has his Australian passport will he need to apply for a visa when entering the UK? We did plan on getting his UK passport from here but it seems the wait is quite long and we don't know how long we might have and just want to get him home to his family. Can anyone advise please?
  3. suzimac64

    Tricky passport situation ???

    This was to be my next question. As both of our families are in the UK and my husband has dual nationality we need to know if he would be seen in the UK once we return. Can anyone let us know if this is the case or have things changed? I have tried to do a little research and it looked as if the 2 countries are affiliated and therefore it would be OK but I am a little worried. He does have a UK national insurance number and full driving license but hasn't lived there since 2003.
  4. suzimac64

    Tricky passport situation ???

    Thankyou so much everyone for your replies and kind wishes. Life sure does surprise you at times but we are staying positive and ready to fight for my husbands health back home in the UK :smile: We are going to apply for the Aus one for now and will sort out the UK one when we get back to the UK.
  5. suzimac64

    Tricky passport situation ???

    Hi can anyone help with some advice on this tricky situation? My Husband was born in Australia and has dual nationality with the UK. We are currently in Australia but unfortunately he has lost/misplaced both his UK and Australian passports which would both have expired anyway. We want to return to the UK where both of our families are and may need to do so urgently and permanently due to very difficult and complex health issues. We just don't know which passport would be the quickest and cheapest to go for in this case?
  6. suzimac64

    Visa Issues !PLEASE HELP!

    Thankyou so much for your caring reply Ozmaniac. It is a really upsetting time but your information has given me some hope that I may be eligible for the 600 visa. We will go to immigration today and see. Wish us luck – we could really really use some. THANKYOU!
  7. suzimac64

    Visa Issues !PLEASE HELP!

    I plan on going to immigration office in the morning to ask - hoping for some advice before I go if anyone can help please I'm at my wits end. So scared of our future and feeling so so sad
  8. suzimac64

    Visa Issues !PLEASE HELP!

    Hi I am new to this site so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong area. I need some advice regarding applying for an extension to my 3 month visitor visa. I came to Australia and married my childhood sweetheart in April on a 3 month visitor visa. We then set about getting ready to apply for the sponsored partner visa. We were about to submit this and pay the fee but my husband has been ill so we delayed the process. He has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and cannot work and will be getting more tests done to identify the stage of the cancer but we do know that it has metastasized and is in his spine as well. He is an Australian citizen but also a UK citizen as well by birth. We are both absolutely devastated about this as you can imagine. My 3 month visitor visa runs out at the end of June and I want to apply for a 3 month extension on compassionate grounds so that we can have the time to find out the extent of his cancer and possibly make plans to return to the UK where we both have family. Can anyone advise me if this would be possible to do? I am nervous about approaching immigration without some advise first.