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    Moving Back to UK half way through Year 10

    thanks for the replies guys! I've got one more question within a question to ask and thought I should ask her before making a new post. There is a possibility that I could be moving back at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015, which would mean I only get to finish Year 9 in Australia (at the age of 15. 16 in 2015). Now, I'm aware I would then miss the first term of UK school but if I had enough credits from my work over in Australia, would it be possible to pop in to UK year 11 or something then and do the GCSE's? or if not what would I do for the 7 odd months that are left in the UK school year?
  2. RyanK

    Moving Back to UK half way through Year 10

    Thanks for the reply wattsy1982. I would also like to add that I am not moving until 2015 and therefore am not that age/year yet. I would also like to toss in that I may possibly be going earlier in the year, possibly as early as March or February. I get high marks and good reports at my current school and wonder if that would help and count towards anything. I'm also wondering whether I would be able to come into year 11 and do the GCSE's if I did move earlier in the year i.e. March. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I will be moving back to UK about half way through Australian year 10 (aged 16 as of May) and around the end of what I'm assuming is UK year 11. The problem with this is I will miss GCSE's and I have been told that you need them to finish school and to continue into Sixth Form, etc. Does anyone have any more information on this and know what may end up happening with me and my eudcation? Thank you in advance - Ryan.