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    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hello Everyone, Wish you a merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance. I wanted to ask you a question in relation to Permanent residency 186 from 457. I am currently on 457, and I got this visa in March 2013 My occupation is COOK I recently came to know that my employer will be selling business by April 2015. I was planning to apply for direct stream entry. And also I can convince the employer to stay till the grant of my PR. The biggest hurdle I have is my SKILL ASSESSMENT. I dont have one, and if I apply now I dont know what is the procedure. I checked VETASESS website, and they say that I have to go through technical interview followed by practical exam. My humble question to you is does anyone know how does it work, specially technical interview and then Practical exam? What kind of questions they ask in technical interview and how is the Practical exam? Thank You Regards
  2. Hello everybody, I am very new to this forum, and I hope i might get help from the members of this forum. I applied on offshore 457 visa last year and got approval of 457 visa, and I arrived in Australia on 1st of May. I need to know when I need to start my employment with my employer. As I have an agent who is telling me, I applied offshore so I need to start employment in 28 days after arrival in Australia. But immigration website says 90 days but doesnt mentions onshore application or offshore application. My employer is asking me to start bit late, as his office is under renowation. So might take couple of weeks more. I am here with my husband, two kids and sister. And I dont want to take any chance. Please help. As I am getting restless, and panicking, because I dont want to breach my 457 visa contract, and want to stay here and get PR. I would like to request everyone and anyone who knows about 457 visa, and can help me, and may have had a similar situation in past or recently. Looking forward to your reply. Regards Natasha