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  1. Seems to me your vocabulary is OK, but not great, but your spelling and grammar are bad, and that's letting you down. I think it's pretty clear where you need to focus your efforts. You may want to take a look at their score guide pdf on the Pearson website.
  2. I think so George. The marks are out of 9, as a University educated native English speaker I got 9, 9, 9, 8.5, without any preparation. If you are relatively well educated and articulate you should be fine with IELTS, and as KristyJ said, while the PTE seems to give better results for lots of people, the format is not ideal due to more background noise, so unless you are struggling to get the right score with IELTS I would try IELTS first. Best of luck.
  3. WHV with minor criminal record

    I haven't dealt with a case like this, but I think you are right, as you didn't receive a custodial sentence you should be fine. Be up front and honest about it. If you have to do a police check, then it will either come up, or maybe not given you were a minor? I wouldn't expect it to slow things down, it's a minor event, and the visa is a temporary visa, it's not like they are giving you PR or anything! See if you get someone else who has had a similar case to reply, and if they contradict me then go with their advice!
  4. For those people requesting free reference materials/books, I totally understand, it's nice when stuff is free, but if your future in Australia is dependant on your English skills, you might want to invest some money in it. We regularly advise clients, if you have a path, grab it, before someone else does, or something else changes, and you find you don't have a path any more. It's your future that's at stake...
  5. We attended a presentation from the guys who run the Pearson tests, they said they don't mark people down based on their accents unless it's hard to actually understand the person. It seems you are being marked down mostly due your pronunciation, so you maybe should look at some elocution lessons to try to fix that.
  6. 457 Question

    Hey Raul, Thank you for pointing that out. I think in our cases we have gotten away with it due to usually splitting our fees between the company and the employee when doing the whole process (SBS, Nom and 457). However, we need to make sure we aren't charging the employee when we are doing the nomination only, or the nomination fee itself when doing the whole process. Many thanks, you may have saved us and a future client some grief!
  7. 457 Question

    Raul is quite right, they will need to provide more than a letter. However, they can ask you to pay for the process, there's nothing wrong with that. We have had many people come to us when their employer said "find an agent and get them to lodge this", so in that sense the employee was sorting it out, but as an agent we can't do anything without the co-operation of the company. Assuming they went ahead it should take about 4 weeks to come through and then you can legally work for them. However, that's assuming their approval as a sponsor is still valid. Just because they sponsored people in the past doesn't mean they can still sponsor someone now. I think you need to speak to an agent, find out what's required, or go back to the employer and ask some more questions.
  8. How long between inspection and moving in?

    Thank for providing an alternative perspective Quoll. As a landlord myself I really don't care who rents my place, so long as they pay the rent, don't do damage, or if they do I will keep their bond. Students, babies, pets, adults, anyone could damage a property, so I ask my agent to vet the people for the kind of people they are, not whether they have pets, babies, or parties. If you look for pet friendly properties, in Melbourne city area there's 3,300 places for rent today, 36 are pet friendly. Given 2/3 of Australian homes have pets, that doesn't leave many options for pet owners looking to rent. Personally I would far rather pay an extra pet bond and be honest, so I hope some of the discussed legislation around the "no pets" policy will come into effect and sort the problem out.
  9. How long between inspection and moving in?

    The inspections seem to be common here. From what I can see they usually come to inspect at 3 and/or 6 months. Because we made sure everything was clean when the last inspection happened we didn't have any of the ones that were scheduled in the lease agreement after that one. I think the problem with the pet bond is plenty of landlords just don't want the hassle of pets (as if pets are worse than bad tenants), so they will choose a non pet owner over a pet owner. We haven't wanted to take that risk when we find a place we like. I have a feeling we will only declare the cats when we buy a house!
  10. Holy **** 80 points?! They should snap you up! I think the caveat they have "Must have experience in the Science industry. Must have experience in the complete product life cycle." might be slowing the process down. When I looked at this for someone else I thought that was a very vague definition, I couldn't even work out what a "science industry" was using a google search (I can guess, but definitions are usually tighter than guesswork). It would mean they'd need to assess your work, the nature of your industry, and whether you had experience of the complete product life cycle... I'd still call them though...
  11. How long between inspection and moving in?

    I think a couple of weeks to process seems reasonable, assuming it's available from when you inspect it. I know some letting agents are pretty damned active, so they want everything chop chop. I think real estate is most active around January, so there's lots of properties, but a fair amount of competition. There's less available in winter but less competition. So I think that's good for you. If you get desperate bear in mind you can offer more than the rent listed, e.g. it says $430 and you offer $440 or $450. In terms of cats, that's a tough one. All advice I have been given is don't declare you have them. In fact, sign a form stating you don't (most seem to want that). Bizarrely everyone seems to have cats & dogs, but nobody seems to be allowed to have them. It seems to be a bit of a farce. Some people have said they sign an extra clause, declare the cats, and pay an extra bond (a pet bond). But doing that may mean you get refused. PS The main problem with declaring you don't have them is having to take a day off and go for a scenic drive with the cats whenever they want to do an inspection - usually every 3 months at first!! See if you get a second opinion on pets....
  12. Hmm, I think when I last spoke to them they said about 4 weeks, although the website says longer, and it does vary for occupations. I would follow up with them. Give them a call, no harm in that.
  13. Hey guys, So, I just thought I would give some input into this from a migration agent point of view. We have had lots of clients doing the English tests, and our feeling based on those cases is that 80% to 90% of people are getting better results with PTE. A few get worse results, go figure. My personal opinion, sheer conjecture, is IELTS used to control the show (as the only test accepted), so they knew they could fail people and those people would just have to come back. I think the PTE guys are trying to steal some of the market share, so they are giving out better results, so that the public and agents recommend them to other people. Ultimately the reason doesn't matter, only the outcome. I don't think one test is easier than the other, but I have only sat the IELTS test myself so I don't know from personal experience. I sat IELTS once, didn't prepare (other than through a lifetime of speaking & writing!), and got 9, 9, 9, 8.5. PS We are mostly dealing with non-native English speakers, so I can't say the same results apply for native speakers.
  14. benefits of 189 visa over 457?

    Hey Scotto, Wise words from everyone else, it is a no brainer, if you can get the 189 grab it with both hands. The 457 is a riskier path, and has various drawbacks. The 189 will also give you more freedom, you can live & work wherever you like. If you don't like the job just quit. If you are on a 457 it's much more restrictive. Our policy is always to look for skilled migration (189) first, and only if the client doesn't qualify do we look at a 457. I have sent you a PM, if you want more professional advice (although so far the "non-professional" advice has been bang on!).