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  1. ajcooper

    Driving License and Car Insurance

    Thanks for that. She ended up doing what you've suggested so fingers crossed it comes through.
  2. ajcooper

    Shipping Insurance

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any insurers for shipping? We've had a quote from our shippers but want to shop around. Thanks
  3. ajcooper

    Driving License and Car Insurance

    Thanks. Exchanging is possible, but as we already have (expired) UK licenses we were hoping it was easier just to renew them. Seemingly not!
  4. ajcooper

    Driving License and Car Insurance

    My wife has made her way back to the UK with the kids and is slowly trudging through treacle trying to re-establish our lives over there. Can't get a rental as we can't get references (and we've got dogs), but the big thing is driving. Our licenses expired whilst away and it seems difficult to get renewed. Has anyone any thoughts on what needs to be done? She's sent off the D1 form but wasn't clear if that was correct. Also, what about car insurance. She's under the impression she can't get insurance until she has her UK license reinstated, will anyone insure based on the Australia license? Any help appreciated.
  5. ajcooper

    Passport Renewal

    Potentially stupid question, but here goes anyway. We're wondering if it's okay to let our Aussie passports expire when we move home. We figure that as we are Aussie citizens (my youngest was born here, and we all took our citizenships) so we should be allowed to apply for new passports should we decide to return.
  6. ajcooper

    The power of croudsourcing?

    I guess not then!
  7. ajcooper

    The power of croudsourcing?

    We're now into the process of selling our property in anticipation of a potential move back home. As you are all well aware, there are so many things that need to be taken care of along the way from simply changing addresses, notifying ATO to shipping and airline tickets. What I was think is maybe we as a community could come up with a checklist/timeline that others can refer to. Not sure if one exists, and I know there is not a one size fits all for this but if there was a comprehensive list it may help people with things they haven't thought of. So, how about it? I've created a Google Doc for everyone to jump into. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WcntV1XAX6phhrJnH1E5cnItme2FiNd953rDIonHUAI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. ajcooper

    Dog stuff

    Thanks for that.
  9. ajcooper

    Dog stuff

    Both dogs are de-sexed and microshipped so they tick all the Australian boxes.
  10. ajcooper

    Dog stuff

    That was how I was thinking.
  11. ajcooper

    Dog stuff

    So I was determined to find this out myself but I'm coming up blank. I have a couple of questions about taking my dogs, not the shipping aspect but the registering. Both my Golden Retrievers are microchipped - is it possible to register these chips in the UK or do they need new ones. I know it is a requirement to have them chipped and what I have found out is that it seems the numbers are too long to register in the UK PETtrac database so that would suggest you need new ones. What about registering with the UK Kennel Club? Again both of my dogs are registered as non-breeding pedigree, but I'm unsure if I need to register them in the UK or not bother. I won't breed or show them so is it even worth it? I'll keep digging, but if anyone has been through a similar process I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  12. Similar situation to us, we have a boy in YR7 (AUS) but would jump to YR9 (UK). Also have a boy in YR5 but less concerned about him at the moment (he's the smart one ) With the YR7 we've noticed that he struggles in Maths so we've opted to remove him from Australian YR7 term 4 and home school for the rest of the year and up until we get back to England (likely Feb / Mar next year). We've picked up a subscription to IXL so that we can get him up to speed on Key Stage 3 maths and english. When we get back (and decide on school / area) we'll then talk to the school about what he needs, figure we can private tuition in areas he's lacking.
  13. ajcooper

    Shipping Question

    So we've started boxing up stuff to get out of the house whilst we market it, our agents offered free storage which we're taking advantage off. I'm now worried that we'll need to go through each box again and list every individual items for the shipping and ToR forms, is this the case or can we generalise. There's nothing of any real value so I would be be tempted to just say kitchen stuff, ornaments etc. So, do I need to do a proper itemised inventory?
  14. ajcooper

    Taking my car home

    Looks like I need to start looking for a nice family car in the UK for two kids and two Golden Retrievers!
  15. ajcooper

    Taking my car home

    I have no idea what insurance costs these days in England but that sounds like a lot