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  1. dissolvedgirl

    Rabies Blood Test Results

    Hi all! Right, so we took our little cat to get his rabies jab in early June, and got his bloods done early July. He was cleared about three weeks ago (the vet left me a very garbled voicemail!) but my question is, does the countdown start from the day he was immunized, or the day we got cleared? We haven't received the paper copy of his bloodtest results yet, and we're starting to worry a tad... Cheers!
  2. dissolvedgirl

    Bond & Rental Amount In GC/Queensland?

    Have been looking on Domain.com, but just wanted to see what peoples general experiences were i.e. Doman doesn't say how many weeks rent you have to pay in addition to the bond amount...
  3. dissolvedgirl

    Emigrating cats

    We're hopefully shipping our fluffy little man (a male shorthaired cat) in December, and we've so far paid £140 (ish) for rabies blood test, and £65 for both the rabies vaccination and the microchip. Our favourite quote (Goldon Arrow, the one that we're probably going to go with) quoted us around £1300 for their 'premium service', so it'll cost us about £1500. Probably a few more costs to factor in though. Hope it all goes okay for you too!
  4. Hiya! Currently looking at rental properties in the Gold Coast area; mostly Varsity Lakes, Burleigh, and Mermaid Waters. Does anyone have an idea of how much to bond amount is in these areas, and how many weeks rent is average to pay up front? Ta,
  5. Hi all! So my question is a fairly simple one...do you have to have a return flight already booked to be let into the country on a WHV? My situation is a little different, as I'll be applying for a De Facto relationship visa once I'm there, and will be renting a place with my OH who already has a job lined up, so I'm not going to be booking a return flight as I hope to be staying longer. I just basically want to know if I'll be turned away or anything for not having a return flight booked, and if they even check? Cheers!
  6. dissolvedgirl

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    I think I put British Citizen also...can't really remember though! I'm sure it'll all be fine
  7. dissolvedgirl

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    Just had my Visa granted! Yay! Off to Australia for definite in December then
  8. dissolvedgirl

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    All your replies are very welcome, and also encouraging So I've finally submitted my WHV application! Eeek! Can't wait toi just get the nod of approval now
  9. dissolvedgirl

    Best Value Pet Travel?

    Just got a quote from Golden Arrow yesterday, with the full service coming in at about £1200, compared to around £1700 for everything with Petair. Would the service be that much better from Petair? I've only heard good things about both, tbh.
  10. dissolvedgirl

    Moving To The Gold Coast - Countdown!

    So we have officially completed our first step in moving! The kitten went in for his rabies jab, and micro-chipping yesterday. All went well, and he only freaked out in the car on the way there, bless him. Vet was lovely in assuring us that he would be much calmer in the plane trip there. So next step is bloods for the cat, and also my WHV. Yay!
  11. dissolvedgirl

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    Cheers And another potential dumb question! Is the Visa valid from the day you step into the country, or form the date you plan to travel? I.e. if I put that I'm gonna fly 10th November, but actually book my flights for a week later, is the Visa just valid from when I enter the country?
  12. dissolvedgirl

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    Thanks This might be a dumb question, but there are no medical checks etc involved in the WHV are there? I know there are with the other more permanent Visas. Just checking
  13. dissolvedgirl

    WHV Processing Time/Approval Rate

    Thank you ball for your very encouraging replies! I'm just a bit of a worrier, and thought I'd maybe be turned down for the type of work I put down I was looking for etc. Just waiting for the funds now, so should hopefully be applying in the next few weeks! How much did all of your WHV's cost? Is it the same across the board? And good luck kylemac! I hope it comes through for you
  14. dissolvedgirl

    Best Value Pet Travel?

    Thanks for both your replies I've had a few quotes come through now, but it's a bit overwhelming in trying to suss out who includes what in their quote etc. I know Petair are generally the most expensive (from what I've found), but many say the best, and their quote seems to cover pretty much everything you could think of. With Golden Arrow, what extras did you have to pay for Fifi? We're heading to the Gold Coast, so would send our little man to Sydney, then onwards from there.
  15. dissolvedgirl

    Moving To The Gold Coast - Countdown!

    Aww, that's always good to hear! What work are you doing atm? And i'm definitely not opposed to working in Brisbane and commuting from the Gold Coast. What are travel costs like? etc. I'm also looking at getting a little Vespa scooter for zipping around town on the weekends. And we should be moving in November, fingers crossed! Does anyone have any idea of what the costs would be in getting a pet (cat) from Sydney to GC? I know the pet travel companies don't include that portion of the journey in their costings... Helen