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  1. fletchaman

    457 July 2014 gang

    Hi All How do you know when your company has applied for sponsorship I have been accepted by Gold Coast Hospital who said they had started the process of 457 sponsor but that was over 2 weeks ago and I have not heard a thing from either am I supposed to be doing something or just wait for immigration to contact me?
  2. fletchaman

    Whats for Dinner/Tea?

    Goan Chicken Curry with homemade Naan
  3. fletchaman

    Your next holiday

    Off to Kos next year for a wedding then across to Antalya for another wedding, and then......relax and breathe :wink:
  4. fletchaman

    Thank the western world

    I have a solution, Middle East sort your own problems out and stop hiding behind your so called peaceful religion
  5. fletchaman

    Thank the western world

    I blame the Ottomans
  6. Apparently I am middle class as I own a KitchenAid how cool is that!!
  7. Can't happen he only had 5 shots left in his pistol :laugh:
  8. fletchaman

    When did that happen?

    Used to do Brunch meetups every Friday when in Dubai now that was an expensive hobby
  9. fletchaman

    Radical Muslims - disgusting sickos.

    Everyone still getting along seamlessly I see :wink:
  10. fletchaman

    Radical Muslims - disgusting sickos.

    Yes approximatly 1400 years young
  11. fletchaman

    Radical Muslims - disgusting sickos.

    http://warfighterfoundation.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/a-subtle-message-to-isis/ Some breakfast reading for you
  12. fletchaman

    Radical Muslims - disgusting sickos.

    I spent years protecting a nation from both radical Catholics and radical Protestants like I said all religions are Evil, a bit like Emmas :wink:
  13. fletchaman

    Radical Muslims - disgusting sickos.

    Which one there are hundreds of them? unfortunately Radicals do have point of doing things in populated areas only the other day and Indian News reporter followed the movements of a HAMAS group setting up a missile launcher in an area of population and hotels. I hate all religions its all false. Name me one person you know who has popped back and "Hey its true there is a life after this place" its never happened to me and I have lost alot of people in my life. And for the 4200 religions in the world how do all them gods fit in the sky without at least one astronaut seeing one? You Live You Die Your Worm Fodder simples IMHO
  14. fletchaman

    Radical Muslims - disgusting sickos.

    And I presume you have written researched based truths about drones killing thousands of Citizens to Kill 1 I would call a coward rather than a Man?
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wrekin