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    Visa 189 Refused.Query for Re-apply and cost

    Hi So if my Case if Refused by the Case officer. What options do I have other than: 1. Re-submitting a new EOI and 2, Going to the MRT (migration review tribunal) for a review
  2. Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first post. I have applied for Visa 189 but it got refused as stated by CO for having less skilled experience than 3 yrs (I had claimed 5 points for skilled experience of 3yrs or more). Brief about my application: * My assessment done by ACS had my skilled experience counted from 1 DEC 2010. * I came to Australia on a 457 on 26th April 2013. * I submitted my EOI on 1 DEC 2013 with 60 points (thinking my Skilled experience was 3yrs+ from 1DEC2010-1DEC2013) * I got invite on 7th April 2014 (after waiting for nearly 5 months) and applied on 15 April 2014 with 60 Points. My application got refused today stating that the skilled experience OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA was less than 3 yrs (1 DEC 2010 - 25April 2013) So now, I have a few queries: 1. If someone has 2.5 yrs of experience OUTSIDE Australia and 8 months of latest Exp WORKING IN Australia on 457, is it still not valid to claim skilled experience points ? (It seems strange to me that if I was not in Australia, my application was valid and I would have got points for skilled experience) A point to note here is that I did not claim any points for my Aus Exp. 2. Can I re-apply again for 189 since I am eligible now that I have more than 1 yr of Experience in Australia (that will add up to 60 again). 3. Would I need to pay again the application amount for me and my wife ? Is there no way I can relate to my refused application and save on having to pay EOI application cost again ($5300 is a big amount for me) Appreciate your help on reading the whole lot and your advice. Many thanks!! --