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  1. snmp

    Form 1195 Recommended

    Hi all, I am about to submit my application for citizenship. I have all the docs under the Required heading. The Form 1195 comes under the Recommended heading. Does this mean that I don't need to submit a Form 1195? TIA!
  2. snmp

    Citizenship - Police Checks

    Thanks for your responses, I logged onto my Immi and they had changed it to trips in the last 10 years, so should be all good! Hopefully!
  3. snmp

    Citizenship - Police Checks

    Hi all, I started my citizenship application as I thought I had qualified (entered Feb 2015 on Temp Partner Visa) but wasn't sure as there had been talks of changing it to 4yrs on PR visa etc.... The question I have is when asked to enter times overseas including holidays, is this just from the time you entered Australia or ever? I had put in holidays ever, as per my temp visa and perm visa, but it came back asking for a USA Police Check (I'm from the UK), I have been to America a hand full of times in my lifetime but the longest I ever stayed there was 1 month (20 years ago), other times its been for 1 week/10days max. Has anyone else had this? Or should I just be entering trips overseas since moving to Australia (I've been to the UK twice 6weeks / 3weeks). Thanks! Sarina
  4. Thanks for coming back to me!! Good to know that they probably see it alot!! Did you get your police check done in your maiden or married name?
  5. Hi all, I've been emailed about the 2nd stage of the 309/100 visa for my permanent resident which is fab, but I'm a bit unsure how to fill out the forms re my name- really don't want it to be declined etc..... My query is that we moved to Oz about 2 weeks after my 309 got granted, my UK passport that the visa is connected to is in my maiden name, but all my stuff here in Oz is under my married name. I've started my Immi account and so far put my maiden name down where it asks for name as it appears on passport, and married name further down, and have said I have my birth cert, UK driving licence, marriage certificate with maiden name. Firstly, is this ok to do, I will be uploading my Oz driving licence etc that has my married name on there? Secondly, I've tentatively filled out the AFP online form with my married name as everything here has it, if I upload the ID they need as well as my marriage certificate, do you think that will work? Thanks!
  6. snmp

    Drink Driving and 417 WHV

    Hi Rich, I have/had a drink/drive conviction from 2004. I applied for the partner visa and declared it on the application form and sent an old PCC that I had from applying for my US visa. My CO asked for details around the conviction and the circumstances (i.e what I was doing on the night in question and what I got from the courts. She also asked for an email detailing what I've done to rehabilitate myself- first offence, not been in trouble since....). My visa was granted no problems. I think the rehabilitation bit is the important part. Hope this helps & Good luck!
  7. Hi @JonnoM Thank you! My must enter date is a year from when I had the medical as it's earlier than the date my PCC was issued
  8. Hi all, Thought I would drop my CO a little nudge email this morning, just over an hour later got a reply saying that my application will be finalised by the end of the week and they would email me. And then an hour after that, it came through! The OH has got the Verve in the fridge and now we can confirm our flights :jiggy:
  9. Hi @keithandkate is there any news? Have you given your CO a little nudge? We lodged on the 2nd May and am waiting (patiently) to book our flights for wk/c 16th Feb
  10. I was thinking the same thing- typical it slows up as our time comes! We're at 9 mths on the 2nd Feb so hopefully not long now!
  11. snmp


    My hubby & FIL swear by a mixture of Dettol & baby oil in equal measures!
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    Thanks VStormy, I'll send him a message.
  13. Sorry to serial post! I've just had a look at the e-medical referral letter and the visa details say SPOUSE (Migrant Spouse Permanent), does this mean that I might skip the 309 subclass?
  14. Hi, I had posted a new thread but thought I would ask on this thread too! I had a kidney removed when I was 18 months old, have had no problems medically since then and my annual check ups finished when I was about 14 years old. Has anyone thats had the medical been in a similar situation as me, or know of anyone that has? I'm hoping that as it was so long ago that my medical will be straight forward but any information or thoughts would be great. Thanks!