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  1. Hi All, I was hoping for a bit of advice. My wife and I will be heading to Australia in January and are looking to rent out our London flat. We have linked in with a letting agent and have found tennants, but are at a bit of a loss in regards to the tax implications. We have been advised to get an accountant, but we have also been adviserd to not get an accountant. We have been advised to send a P85 form to HMRC, but (can you guess where this is going) we have been advised froma different source not to bother. Had anyone been through this process and have any advice on the best course of action? Thanks Ronan
  2. Ronansmyth

    What to do in Sydney

    The coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee is a must do I think. The views are stunning!
  3. Ronansmyth

    Broken Passport...

    Hi All, Random query - I have a 100 visa (which I validated with a trip earlier this month) and my Mrs and I will be moving over in April '16. My passport to which the visa is linked is a chip one, but the chip doesn't work (meaning I can't get through the quick gates at bloomin Heathrow). It also comes up every time I clear passport control in the UK as they can't get the passport to scan. I will contact immi.gov.au and my passport office to sort it, but I was oondering of anyone knew whether there would be as issue with me replacing my passport with a new one. I am worried that my visa is linked to my current PP and that replacing it would result in a different PP number and issues with the visa. Like I say, I will contact the office query lines, I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this sort of thing. Cheers Ronan
  4. Ronansmyth

    John Mason or Bournes or Doree Bonner

    Thanks for the advice all.
  5. Hi All, My wife and I are just planning for our move at the end of the year and have been gathering shipping quotes. We went for three quotes, one from each of: John Mason Bournes Doree Bonner The quotes have come in practically identical in regards to cost. We are moving from London to Sydney, and at the moment we think that Doree Bonner came across best when we met them, but John Mason is London based (we need to get the house packed, but deliver a suitcase of winter clothes 2 weeks later) and they gave lots of advice about getting our things ready. At the moment we are favouring John Mason, but were interested if anyone has feedback on the three (specifically of there is any reason to avoid any of them). Thanks Ronan
  6. Ronansmyth

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    We have booked our flights. We have the 100 Partner Visa and I validated it on a trip in January. We've now booked our one-way flights tpo Bangkok (to spend 4 months travelling through there while our possessions are shipped). On a related note, these flights will be our first ever in Business Class - and we did that on airmiles! We have had a BA credit card for the last year and have done all our groceries etc on it (and paid that off immediately). Doing that got us the miles to do the flight for free (just paying taxes). Can't wait!
  7. Ronansmyth

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    I have had a bit of a milestone - my 100 visa was granted in mid-December and I validated it on a trip to Melbourne at New Year. Last week my and the missus booked our flights for the move. We will be doing 4 months traveling in Southeast Asia whilst our stuff is en route. It is still an age away, but it really feels like progress is being made!
  8. They must be clearing the work before Christmas. Great news everyone!
  9. So after my email to my CO yesterday, and the confusion about my police check this morning, my visa has just been GRANTED!!!! 8 months 9 days and I am delighted! Thanks to this site for all the help. And good luck to those still waiting.
  10. I think you will be fine. I did not have an online application - mine was completed at home and posted off. But the good news is that I have had an email that my CO now has the document. Back to waiting though...
  11. I sent off the gentle reminder email yesterday and got a response this morning saying they hadn't received my UK penal check! I had forwarded that at the start of September! Luckily I kept the email and resent it this morning. I am not holding up much hope for a swift resolution now.