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  1. 3 hours ago, calNgary said:

    You should be able to get a Skilled Visa with Plant engineer as the occupation.

    Personally i would have a quick chat /consultation with an agent, as many trades can be crossed referenced and they will let you know which visa they think is most suitable for you with the qualification's you have.

       Cal x

    Thank you Cal for your advice. We did think the skilled visa would be best, we will look at booking an agent for further advice 😊

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  2. 6 hours ago, Marisawright said:

    There is no family visa for daughters or sisters, sorry.  Your only option is a skilled visa. 

    When I migrated to Australia, I did everything myself, but I wouldn't advise trying that these days.  Best plan is to book a meeting with a good migration agent and go through your situation with them.  Try Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda.  

    Thank you Marisa for your advice, I will book a meeting with an agent 😊

  3. Good evening, 

    I am looking for some advice in respect of Visas. Myself, partner and son (1yr old) are looking to emigrate to Brisbane however we have no clue which visas we need.

    My mum & Sister already hold Australian citizenship and reside in Brisbane and we’re now looking to join them and hopefully one day also becoming citizens. Is there a family visa we can apply for due to my mother and sister being there?

    Alternatively my partner has a skilled trade, he is a Plant Engineer, would a skilled trade visa be the better option?

    Any advice you can offer would be hugely appreciated. 

    Thanks 😊 

  4. Hi,


    I am hoping someone could help me as I'm new to all this.


    My Mum & Sister live in Brisbane and have done for 7 years, they are now permanent residents. I would love to move out there and be with them but I have no clue which visa I have to apply for. I'm 27 with good health and a full time job in a solicitors. My partner of 9 years is 30 years old, fully qualified electrician but has Crohn's disease. Please can anyone advise what we would have to do to live and work in Oz?


    Many thanks in advance