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  1. jessicagrunner

    2 week trip, potential travel buddy?

    I’m hoping to go to Australia this year for 2 weeks. I’m limiting myself to 2 weeks because I’m still currently studying at uni so can’t come out for an extended period of time. I have been to Australia before, back in 2013 was my first time, and although I’m willing to go out to Australia for 2 weeks on my own, it would be good if there is anyone of a similar age (I’m 23) that fancies jetting off and is someone who I can get to know before hand. I ask as currently none of my friends are up for it and it’s pretty daunting to go solo. Thanks
  2. jessicagrunner

    Travel Buddy UK

    Hi, ive been a member on here for a while now and I'm seriously considering travelling to Australia. I'm willing to go alone however it would of course be lovely to have a travel companion and gain a new friendship! if anybody is interested in going to Australia from the UK please message me so we can discuss! im from Cheshire, UK. thanks
  3. jessicagrunner

    WHV friends?

    Awww thank you, I appreciate that, it just would be good to make some before hand really!
  4. jessicagrunner

    WHV friends?

    I've posted a few time about this pretty much, but I'm looking for people with the same idea of going out to Australia for a year on a working holiday. I really wanna get talking to people like minded and form some kind of plan! More than anything im craving people with the same mind set, too many people I know don't have the same ambition or drive. Message me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram - jessicagrunner, as well as on here!
  5. jessicagrunner


    It's definite that I want to and will come to Australia for a year on a WHV, but I was just enquiring on here about dentistry, I can obviously study in my home country but I love Australia so wondered if there was any way to study there, but I get it is expensive and probably a bad idea, like I say I am definitely intending to come out for a year to work and experience Australia! I am training as a dental nurse at the moment, always intended to be a dentist but got side tracked somewhere along the way but knew I wanted to be involved in dentistry
  6. jessicagrunner


    Hi Guys, always wanted to be a dentist, want to come to aus on a year WHV, just wondered what would it be like for me to train in aus as a dentist, as an international student what are the grade requirements and is there any way of paying the fees in chunks instead of upfront each year?
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for a travel buddy and someone to hang around with during my trip to Australia, I have nothing booked at the moment but plan on going for three weeks and would like somebody of a similar age to go with! I feel friends here are unreliable and I just want to have a good time with someone like minded and live my dream of going to Australia instead of having unreliable friends hold me back! I have savings and I'm committed to going, so I hope there is somebody out there with a similar mind set message me on here if needs be! hope to meet some fab friends too!
  8. jessicagrunner

    New Year 2016

    Hi Guys, i really want to go to Australia at the end of 2016 to celebrate New Year! I'm thinking Sydney will be best place in Australia to go to for new year and I wonder is there anybody that wants to join me?! I want to make new friends and I want to make this dream of mine come true! I know it's a bit random, but it'll be fun and this life is short! so if you're interested feel free to message me on here or get hold of me on Facebook! search for Jessica Grunner and I should be the first person to come up as I don't think there is anyone else with the same name as mine on there haha!
  9. jessicagrunner

    Australia WHV 2017/ Dental Hygiene training!

    Aww wow thank you for that info, that's helpful!
  10. jessicagrunner

    Australia WHV 2017/ Dental Hygiene training!

    yeah so ive heard, im looking into it
  11. jessicagrunner

    Australia WHV 2017/ Dental Hygiene training!

    thank you, yes im gonna look at a student visa now! I really wanna study out there! worried about fees though for international students...
  12. jessicagrunner

    Australia WHV 2017/ Dental Hygiene training!

    queensland thank you so much! I CANNOT wait!!!!
  13. awww no way! that's amazing, well im glad hes done it!
  14. Do it! Life is short, you don't know who you could meet out there, the endless opportunities you may stumble across, life is an adventure, don't sit at home envying other peoples courage to explore and live their life, go out there and live it yourself! That's certainly what I intend to do! Don't get to 30 and look back and be wishing you had done it! Do it now while its on your mind, it'll be the best thing you do! I've been to Australia and I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to go back!