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  1. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Congratulations mate:) Wish u happy days ahead in oz.
  2. OziBoy

    189 May 2014 lodge gang

    Great news mate :jiggy:Congratulation and all the best for the coming future :smile:
  3. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Saad last time I contacted immigration was told it was Adelaide team 23.
  4. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    The document also confirms that not all the teams are processing at the same pace.
  5. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    I am still waiting too. I lodged the application late April. I think different teams have different processing times. Hang in there, it will come eventually.
  6. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Hi, I received an email from GSM team 13 too, I think this means we do have COs assigned to our cases because this is a team which helps the COs for faster processing of applications but not sure though. I'd say if we do not have COs and if we have not initially been assessed by COs why the call for further documents then? so yeah I think we've got COs but there has been no reason to contact probably. I think the CO allocation dates will be updated pretty soon. So hang in there, stay positive, it will become our turn too. Good Luck People
  7. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Congratulations, Good to hear people from April are getting grants. Fingers crossed for everyone
  8. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Hi, I actually realised not many people are getting COs these days, but I thought backlog was for 190 visa and I know 190 people have received "the delay" email. So not quiet sure what is happening there. BTW, is there anyway to find out you have been allocated a CO other than COs contacting you?
  9. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Nice, Good to know ppl from late April are being allocated to COs. Good luck with the rest of the process, hopefully we will hear about some grants soon
  10. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    I believe so, I think I have seen it somewhere that if you have stayed anywhere for more than 12 month you need to get police clearance but not sure though.
  11. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    There you go here is the link http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/211611-189-may-2014-lodge-gang-2.html
  12. OziBoy

    189 visa April gang

    Hello All, We also lodged our application in late April. I saw in another thread people from May are getting COs, I have a feeling the more documents we frontload the later we will get to know our CO. We might have all been allocated COs and we just do not know it yet. Good Luck to you All.
  13. OziBoy

    Certified Copy of the Assessment Letter

    Thanks Ahona, I will go with the coloured scan see if they need the certified copy too, 'cause I am going to have to go to the embassy to have it certified here. Thanks again
  14. Hi People, I wonder if we need to upload certified copy of the assessment letter, or would it be enough to have the original letter scanned and uploaded. It seems a bit confusing as it says certified copies should be uploaded. Thanks a lot
  15. OziBoy

    Lost Assessment Letter

    Great! Thanks. I was getting worried a bit.