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  1. As do I, the bottler, as do I.
  2. Will do a quick update later as lazing by the pool.
  3. IKNWCB five years ago we landed in Oz to start our new adventure.
  4. Bristle

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Received an email today. Our council does not have a ceremony in December so the next one is Australia Day.
  5. Bristle

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    13 months from application to ceremony.
  6. Bristle

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Your visa should be electronically linked to your passport. We didn’t have an Oz entry stamp on our passports. Details of first entry should also be linked.
  7. Bristle

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    I just took passport, birth certificate and bill as proof of address and they took photo copies of driver’s licence and Medicare card. OH had marriage certificate for change of name and that’s all we needed.
  8. Bristle


    OH was approved same day and mine a week later.
  9. Bristle


    Had our interview earlier this month. Not really an interview, just took copies of our documents and Medicare card and then we sat the test. We spent more time waiting to be called in than we did on the interview and test.
  10. True, but I think I'd jump overboard if I had to listen to more of those damn shanties. Wishful thinking about being fresh meat..... It's been a long time since I've been fresh anything!
  11. Had one more then left. I was too scared that I would be press-ganged and wake up on ship. Think they sensed fresh meat!
  12. Bristle

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Had two or three questions on flags, several questions on Anzac Day and the first fleet, and then government and law. As you get multiple choice answers you can usually work out the correct one. Good luck with your test.
  13. IKNWC. Working away so looking for somewhere to eat. Find a nice pub and order food and a drink. Place is busy very noisy. Suddenly the evening entertainment starts.....its SEA SHANTY night. One guy singing a verse closely followed by a group of blokes repeating the verse. OMG haven't people got better things to do? Man, I need another drink.