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  1. littlesarah53

    Citizenship - residence requirement help

    Hi, Can someone please help me to understand the 4 years part of the residence requirement to apply for citizenship. Is it 4 years concurrently before application, or can it be cumulative ? I will explain my situation - may make it easier - I first arrived in Oz in October 2009 and stayed on a 457 visa until Jan 2012, then went back to the UK. In Oct 2014 I returned to Oz on another 457 visa, and was granted PR in Sept 2015. So I have been living in Australia for more than 4 years in total but not sure if that qualifies or not. Can anyone please advise ?
  2. littlesarah53

    Visa cancelled ?

    Hi guys , I am on a 187 and it's been over a year since my visa was granted. I have been offered another position in the same field and same state. It's confusing because on the visa grant notice it says conditions - Nil. But then on the letter it says - obligations - you must remain in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two years. What is the likelihood of my visa being cancelled if I leave my current employer? Has anyone in here had their visa cancelled for this reason ? Thanks Sarah
  3. littlesarah53

    Business sponsor approval

    Hi , Does anyone know how long it takes for a business to be approved as a sponsor ? We lodged our application - all 3 sections, employer sponsor, nomination and visa at the same time, 3 weeks ago, just before the 1st July, so I know they are going to be busy, but we havent heard anything yet. Does everyoneget allocated a case officer ?How long does this normally take? I'm checking my immi account everyday like a nutcase and all it says is in progress. Thanks
  4. littlesarah53

    457 Visa Transfer time line 2014

    Hey Drewbty, Did you watch for notifications in your immi account ? Did it show any updates ? Mine just says in progress , its been 3 weeks yesterday. I thought I would have been allocated a case officer by now. My employer does also have to be approved to be a sponsor, I guess that might be the reason it might take longer than usual.
  5. littlesarah53

    options after a student visa

    I haved looked into skilled migration, but because our occupations are not on the sol just the csol we cannot apply for an independant visa, only employer nominated or regional. And so far I have only found my job on the list for ACT and Northern Territory. ACT are currently not accepting anymore applications until July 1st and for the Northern Territory you have to have a job offer.
  6. littlesarah53

    options after a student visa

    Thanks Blossom, the problem is being in the Uk it is very difficult to find an employer willing to sponsor us. It will be far easier once we are in Australia, and the student visa would be a way in, and a way for us to work legally albeit only for 20 hours a week.Both of our current jobs are on the csol, and I have actually approached my previous employer in WA and asked them to sponsor me - they initially said yes, but after looking into it do not meet the training requirements to become approved as business sponsors, so I am looking at any alternative, even re training in a different field but it appears that will not lead anywhere either.
  7. littlesarah53

    options after a student visa

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking at options to go to Australia and am looking at a course as a dental technician. This is on the Sol and is a 2 year course so I am hoping I will be able to stay and work after that. Can anyone tell me what are my options ? Also my partner will be coming with me - if he is able to find an employer willing to sponsor him can he apply for the 457 visa ? Thanks for any replies.