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    Wanting to Migrate

    That was really good to read, thank you Jack91. And congratulations! I'm unsure if you're over there yet, but if you are I hope it's everything you expected! :hug:
  2. ferg

    CSOL Gallery or Museum Curator

    Thank you both so much: my head was mince yesterday, and couldn't seem to find where I'd read things before! Thanks again!
  3. Good afternoon (or morning) everyone, I previously posted a question regarding Secondary Teaching, as at the time it was what I had planned to carry on and do. However after some interesting times, I am now aiming towards a career in Museums, and Australia still has a strong hold over me. On the Consolidated Skills Occupation List, Gallery or Museum Curator is listed (224212) however how do I find out which state the position actually belongs on? Ideally I am looking at Western Australia and Queensland. Where can I find more detailed information? I also have some other questions. By June 2016 I will have: BA (Hons) Classical Studies SVQ Level 3 Museums and Galleries Studies 1 years experience in a Museum, more curatorial than FOH I plan on going to do MA Museums and Galleries Studies in either St Andrews or Leicester (admission dependent!) 2016-2017. By the time of completing the MA, I will be 29. I found somewhere it states that you require at least 1 years experience in highly relevant employment (can't for the life of me remember where I found it). Would my 1 years experience count? That would be the year 2015-2016, whereas I would complete my MA in 2017 (assuming the plan goes along smoothly). I also at one point found a list explaining what points you got for what...skills you had (IELTs, education, age, etc) but I also can't find that and my mind is running blank.... I also understand that this occupation could be pulled at any point, however if that's the case then I will deal with it then! Thanks anyone who can help or advise with all of this. I've searched the forums high and low, and there is very little information I can find regarding this occupation! Thanks! Kirsty
  4. Good evening, This is my first post so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it. If anyone does have a link, that would be great as well. So my partner and I are looking to move to Australia, and have been looking at the 189 Skilled Independent Visa. This won't be for a couple of years yet, as we have to aim for something on the SOL. We have been looking at Accountant (general) for my partner, as there is a good chance he can complete the ACCA in 2, possibly 3, years. By that time, he will have: Age: 30 points English: 20 points Educational: 15 points (I have scouted round and found that ACCA is equivalent to Australian Bachelors) Obviously he won't have experience working as an Accountant by the time we apply, but is this a problem? For skills assessment, is just the ACCA enough to claim that? Are people asking about pre-degree experience just because they would like the extra points? Or is it essential he has experience for his skills assessment? I'm having a hard time finding that bit of specific information anywhere. I also do understand that Accountant (General) may very well not be on the SOL by then, but I'm working towards a degree followed by PGDE which could allow me to apply as Secondary Teacher for 189 visa if need be (again, I know it might go away at anytime!). I think I got all this out coherently! Many thanks for any help or pointers anyone can give me. I know it's a long time away(ish) but I would like to know we are on the right track so less chance of problems in the future. Thanks! Ferg :err: