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  1. RachelManning89

    Carpenters - advice on getting sponsored visas!

    Ah sweet, were only up in bristol! which isnt far at all. Wow thats pricey!!! Working holiday visa wouldnt really work for us. So im looking for the next best thing. what is the 189?!?! I think i can qualify for the 457 visa 190 visa and a couple others, where about's you looking to move to?
  2. RachelManning89

    Carpenters - advice on getting sponsored visas!

    Thanks Jack I'm 24, been a carpenter 2 years, but had about 3/4 year extra site experience as well. Do you know how much it'll cost to get the TRA done? Did think about the WHV, but not really interested in living in a regional area, doing regional work also the downside is you have to find a new employer every 6 months. I wanted to do 4 years so that if we get there and like it I'd like to have the possibility of applying for citizenship. Which you can do after 4 years. Are you currently looking for a visa too? What route are you thinking of taking? Thanks sam
  3. Hi, I'm currently level 2 NVQ qualified in carpentry, will be level 3 NVQ May 2015. Looking to work in Oz for a few years, moving September 2015. Hoping to get a sponsored visa, ideally a 457, as I don't want to do regional work. However, it appears you have to undergo a TRA assessment before applying for a visa. Does anyone know if this costs? Or is there any way to get around this? Is there an easier way to be able to work for up to 4 years, without having to do regional work? Does anyone have any advice on the best route or path to take? thanks Sam
  4. Hey guys I'll be be qualified AAT in about a year and looking to move to Oz afterwards. Does anyone know if it's a recognised qualification or can it be used to get a skilled migration visa? Thanks Rachel x
  5. RachelManning89

    Looking for some advice/help! At the very start of our journey to Oz!

    Thanks Rupert. So if we were to go out on the WHV, after doing the 3 months regional work, can we then apply for jobs more related to our professions and in non-regional areas? Thanks Rachel x
  6. RachelManning89

    Looking for some advice/help! At the very start of our journey to Oz!

    Hey Verystormy, thanks for the advice. What is the regional work? I get the impression that they put you in a low population area, but we're looking for something closer to the main citys. Thanks Rach x
  7. RachelManning89

    Looking for some advice/help! At the very start of our journey to Oz!

    Thanks Cal The visas are so confusing! Lol! We would like to get skilled visas, just worried about what doing "Regional" work would mean....we dont want to be stuck in a really quiet town far away from a city. We may just look into an agent! How did you find it with help from an agency? Rach x
  8. Hi I'm Rachel :biggrin: Myself and my fiance are currently looking to move to Oz around summer 2015. We are very much at the start of the process, so any help would be greatly appreciated. We are not sure whether to try and get skilled visa's before hand or try to get work over there? My partner Sam, 25, is a NVQ2 qualified carpenter and will be NVQ3 qualified before we go to Oz. He is interested in working within the timber framing industry, but any work would be great anyone know the best places to work as a carpenter? What visa would be the best to apply for? I am 24 and work within finance and am level 3 AAT qualified, will be level 4 qualified before i go to Oz. I'd be happy to work anywhere within Oz. Again what is the best visa to apply for? We were also wondering if it would help our application, if we were to get married before we go to Oz? Kind regards Rach x