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    Brisbane bound in November!!!

    Thank you both for your replies & advice! Sorry for the lateness in my reply the past few weeks have been extremely busy with finishing work, settling up etc! Only 13 days left now until we leave the UK...very exciting but scary times!! PatW that would be lovely...thank you so much for the offer ill be sure to PM you once we arrive. Do you have many families attend your get togethers?? Whata great thing to do! We don't have any rental at the minute, we have just organised a holiday let for our first 6 weeks so hoping to get something during that time. Thank you again for your help
  2. emcgiv

    Brisbane bound in November!!!

    Hi guys! After what feels like the longest most stressful year of our lives. Myself (Elaine) my husband (Paul) and our 3 year old daughter (Mirrin) have finally booked our flights to make the big move in November on a PR 189 visa. We are relocating to North Lakes, due to the location of my job, from Scotland. Wondering if there are any other families in the same position as ourselves, or who have made the move! Would love to hear from you and any hear tips that you can offer for us in our first months in Australia!! :smile:
  3. emcgiv

    189 visa lodged May 2015

    Thank you Atlas!
  4. emcgiv

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    Hey guys! Hoping some of you will be able to answer a question that I have regarding uploading documents. I am at the process of uploading mine ( 189 lodged & paid for 24th May) not sure if should be uploading coloured originals or certified copies?? So much conflicting info out there not sure what to do?? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. emcgiv

    189 visa lodged May 2015

    Hey! We received our invitation to apply on 22nd May. Lodged & paid for on 24th! In the process of uploading all our documents just wondering if you all submitted coloured originals or certified copies of originals?? Lots of conflicting info out there!! Good luck to everyone!!
  6. emcgiv

    189...agent or do it ourselves??

    Thank you for all the information, its been really helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my thread. Planning on submitting an expression of interest with immi at the end of the week!!! wrussell I have spoken with someone from immi regarding which visa I would be eligible to apply for and was advised that I would be able to lodge an application for a 189 visa?!?!?
  7. emcgiv

    189...agent or do it ourselves??

    Thanks guys! We have been quite methodical in our reading on the immi website & thought it seems managable on our own just needed to hear it from others! I am physio so already been through the whole skills assessment & AHPRA registration so have alot of the relevant documents already certified which should make the process a bit less time consuming. Don't anticipate any issues with police or health checks. The final thing will be passing IELTS. Looks like we will be submitting an expression of interest soon then!! Thanks for all your help!
  8. Hi...me, my husband & our 2 year old daughter are planning on moving to Brisbane in 2015. We had initially looked into migration agents to assist with our 189 visa application however, we are now wondering if we could do this ourselves (to help save some cash for the big move!). Wondering if anyone is willing to share their experiences of applying themselves without an agent & how you found the whole process?? Thanks x
  9. Hi, I am currently applying for registration as a physiotherapist with AHPRA. The application states that if an applicants qualifications were obtained more than 5 years ago they are required to provide documented evidence that they have practiced physio within those 5 years. Can anyone help with what actual documented evidence they require?? Many thanks for any help at all!!
  10. emcgiv

    calling all physios

    Thank you I will check it out
  11. Looking for some advise from physios who have already made the move down under...I am a Uk trained physio hoping to move to Queensland next year (Brisbane & surrounds) I am still in the UK and plan on being here until I can secure a job...can anyone recommend a recruitment agency that they have used to secure employment?? Thanks guys
  12. Hey! My husband & I along with our 2 year old daughter are due to fly out to Brisbane in Aug this year. I will be starting work in Sept. We have given ourselves a 4-6 week window to find a long term rental however, during this time we will be needing to rent a holiday home/apartment/motel...does anyone know of any around the sunshine coast area that are good value for money?? Thanks everyone