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  1. P.S can I use all the info I submitted last time like our certified passport copies & 888 forms or do I need to get everything redone? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, haven't been on here for some time now but I'm back and I need a little help if anyone can help!? My prospective marriage visa was granted in April I move to Oz in July & got married on 26th November ( which was the best day ever ) Anyway now it's time to start doing the next part of my visa, I used an agent for the first part of the visa as I thought I might have a few complications.. Now it's time to do the next part I've been told I can't use the same immi account and have to do a new one... My question is can I set an immi account up now and then put the application in when I'm ready or do I have to wait until I'm ready to submit the application? Before I can open the account? Many thanks
  3. I know how frustrating it is & it's nice when u finally get a co but the name of the game is patience easy for me to now lol when I first knew the time scale I was like omg no but set my sights on the 12 month mark & hoped it wouldn't be longer than that. Came dead on 10 months & I was over the moon with that... It is hard when u see others get their granted early & maybe a feeling of not fair but really all u can do is say good luck to them...hang in there everyone one, the time really does go so fast Wishing u all the best of luck
  4. Can u see the red like in the right hand bottom corner? Just press that on the status yr reading.... Does that help?
  5. Thanks Markp, it's a great feeling..... Just sorting out removals & a goodbye night out a quick trip to Spain to spend some time with my mum then We'll be off hope yr plans r coming along? I'm on a PMV SO I'll be staying on here for when I start the next part in 9 months time and that part I'll do on my own without an agent.... I'm sure I'll need a little help lol all the best to u
  6. Any newbies wondering how to put yr detail at the bottom of your page.... Go into yr settings & click on edit signature, write details & press save i didn't know this till someone told me so hope this is helpful to some of u :wink:
  7. Wow that's soooo fast, bet u were shocked? Lol a massive congratulations:)
  8. i was told they like to give u at least 1-2 months after wedding date so for me that rings true I get married end November so I'll have till 19th jan to submit next part. I know someone else that only has a month after wedding so sound about right. If yr visa comes in July that give u a month after wedding? Yes.?... Would be so much better if the 9 months started when u activate the visa... Lots to sort out right at the last minute, not that I'm complaining lol I'm over the moon to get the grant
  9. Has been taking 3/4 months to get case officer, it's just a waiting game but they will get round to you
  10. This is a few days late but I GOT MY VISA GREAT ON TUESDAY (19th) over the moon, such a relief to hold that bit of paper in my hand.....So that's 10 months to the day :jiggy:couldn't be granted any sooner as on a PMV u get 9 months & I get married end of November. looking to book flight for end June :ssign19:
  11. Welcome to all u newbies, this forum is brilliant. Any questions there's always someone that has the answer :yes:
  12. welcome & good luck... The wait isn't as bad as u thing it's gonna be, I applied almost 10 months ago & looking bk it's gone pretty fast..... I think the key is to keep yrself busy! Lol :wacko::biglaugh:
  13. all going well then, so glad to hear that sounds like yr feet haven't hit the ground yet! Lol thanks for update
  14. woohoo that's fantastic news so so happy for u :jiggy:congratulations & all the best for yr future in Oz..... Hoping for mine next week as I have now received my Spanish police check back :smile:
  15. woohoo that's fantastic news & brilliant time..... Best of luck Tracy x