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    Austrailia working holiday, police caution

    thanks mate. im unsure where to get professional advice ! as i did want to visit america so i asked the police (they where doing visitations to my house for a while after) and they basically said 'phone the embassy, but it just depends on who answers the phone that day' like a caution is a gray area that no-one knows the answer too! so guessing its the same deal with this...? im not planning to tell my friend, although im not into the idea of getting there with him and then getting turned away by the police to go home and he is left wondering what the hell i did! thanks for heads up on the passenger card. no, i don't lie about it as i know if i got found out it would be bad ! its just confusing the fact its not a conviction but it is a crim. record !
  2. I am being talked into going to work in Australia for a year by a friend who has just returned from there. what he doesn't know is i have a sexual offence caution from 2008. its augured that you cannot have a caution for sexual offences but im the rare case! (arresting officer knew i didn't mean any harm and tried to let me walk. his boss wanted results which meant i had to take the lightest thing he could get me - a caution. This was from an incident from when i was 15-16, and is too embarrassing to tell my friend and ask him... would this caution stop me from applying for my Visa? as not yet ready to go and nothing is set in stone im not ready to apply for a working visa and just thought i'd ask here as i can stop worrying about it and maybe start planning. if anyone can help that would be great!