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  1. Yes you have to apply in person since 2014.
  2. proud

    AON 457 Visa

    Just putting it out there, does it bother you?
  3. Yes, Its not like popping down to the post office, thats for sure! A word of warning.. I would bring the kids with you as they are so picky on the photos as you said. I am in Ireland and had to travel from the South of Ireland to Dublin with 2 sets of photos and neither were acceptable. We had to go and get more done while we were up there and hand them in. There was a shadow under my sons earlobe!!
  4. I wouldn't chance it. My friend took their family for his Australian wife's mother's funeral and they had to arrange for an emergency passport. They were treated very badly and no one in the department had any empathy for their situation. They also had their child's citizen papers.
  5. proud

    AON 457 Visa

    Hi, Has anyone got a transfer with AON Insurance brokers to Australia or been offered a 457 visa?
  6. Hi PomCop, The first post on this thread gives excellent advise. I would say to speak slowly and pronounce like you are reading the news! Use intonation and pauses. Try to avoid umms and ahhs as much as possible and use all the time you are given for each piece if you can, same goes for synopsis and essay. Write down key words and ignore the fillers. When reading I used the time to do a practise run out loud rather than just reading to myself. Hope this helps
  7. I did the PTE test on 29th June and got 90 on all levels. Yay.
  8. proud

    Pearson PTE Test taken yesterday - feedback

    Hi Emelie, Im not sure what you mean about phrasal verbs and idioms?? As for images it really will depend on your command of the language. I received my results the morning after my test. I wish I could help more Sarah.
  9. proud

    Pearson PTE Test taken yesterday - feedback

    Hi, I had to write the topic of violence on TV/media and how it affects the younger generation. Does it lead to increased crime etc. I don't think the topic will be something you wouldn't have an opinion on or heard of before, so relax and keep the ideas simple. Determine your opinion and make 3-4 points to support it. Thats it! It all comes down to taking 5 mins to map the main ideas you come up with, 10 mins to type them out and make sure you have 5 mins to review spelling and grammar, bulk up the text and make sure you have as near to the max words as possible. Worked for me. Good luck!! Sarah. L:90 R:90 S:90 W:90