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  1. lnicolson

    AAT appeal for 186 nomination refusal

    My agent has come back with the “cost agreement” for when AAT happens. The cost seems quite high at $4.5k, how much have others been quoted?
  2. lnicolson

    AAT appeal for 186 nomination refusal

    My agent told me today that AAT are working on jan feb 2018 and with the result of businesses closing and/or sponsorships no longer needed those cases will be withdrawn which will speed up the process. i applied September 2018 so she said I should expect to hear something in 3-6 months
  3. lnicolson

    AAT updates for 187 visa

    Lodged 186 AAT for the same role in September 2018, not heard a word. Looking more likely it’ll be close to the 24 month timeline
  4. lnicolson

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Still waiting! Been told that AAT workers are working from home and appeals have been put in hold until after Covid. Only special cases being dealt with at the moment.
  5. lnicolson

    AAT appeal for 186 nomination refusal

    Just so people are aware, I received this from my agent today. I wouldn’t have any hope in hearing anything soon.
  6. Training benchmark failed on one year.
  7. Interested to see if anyone has information on this. I’m on appeal for PR application and currently still employed but would like to know if COVID has an adverse effect on the business will AAT hold this against us? also, I have contacted my agent asking this but this forum and the agents here tend to be quicker as replies than her
  8. lnicolson

    AAT appeal for 186 nomination refusal

    Anyone had any Christmas miracles and get a hearing date?!
  9. Hey jimmy, what was your refusal reason? wait times are currently up to 2 years. ive been waiting 14 months so far
  10. lnicolson

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Afternoon currently on appeal (16 months so far) for failing to reach training benchmarks in one year of the sponsorship. has anyone had any success at appeal with this issue? Our agent believes we have a good case based on the location (rural) we are in as it is hard for us to get employees whether that be Australian or not and for them to commit to long term employment to do training with. also the recent changes in the training levy and the new announcement of the regional visa should help us.
  11. lnicolson

    AAT appeal for 186 nomination refusal

    Just thought I’d add my timeline in 457 June 2014 (already worked during WHV with company) PR lodged July 2017 documents requested August 2018 refusal September 2018 appeal submitted September 2018 reason for refusal - training benchmark not met. Despite agent assuring us everything was correct. Then advised that “ the process of splitting the training amount of the years of sponsorship apparently doesn’t happen anymore. They must have changed it and it has to be specific for each year” that’s from my agent!! Someone I’m paying to know what’s happening. we are in a bit of a catch 22 with training. Owners don’t count for training. We don’t have Australians in the business (rural and rely on backpackers). If we had a full time Australian, we wouldn’t need a 457 but we don’t so we need a 457. Mind boggles! hope everyone isn’t stressing too much. Can’t do anything until the hearing date arrives
  12. lnicolson

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Very positive in taking it to the AAT. We are rural WA and a small full time working team so it’s extremely difficult for us to leave to do training, what with staffing and owners having children. The lack of interest in the job positions when advertised frim Australians didn’t help us with meeting the training requirements. Our staff are very transient and generally backpackers. My agent advised this today.... “The Administrative Appeals Tribunal is able to take into account extraneous issues, such as isolation, the lack of Australian staff and the lack of opportunity for training.”
  13. lnicolson

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We paid our training fees yearly. The problem was a shortage in one year. We don’t have any full time Australians working for us and the owners, both Australian citizens don’t count for training any longer like the previously did which is where we fell short as the discounted some of the training from them.
  14. lnicolson

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    This is from my agent this morning. 5. Reason for refusal: Did not meet the Training Benchmark B requirement for one of the years The Training Benchmark rules have changed over recent years, and what was once acceptable (average the years of the approved SBS) now appears no longer to be acceptable. You can no longer ‘turn back the clock’ and make up the difference. This lack of flexibility is causing a great deal of angst for many employers with files still pending. Our clients have always been able to ‘make up the difference’ in previous years.
  15. lnicolson

    Hotel manager

    Visa refused training not met. Appeal has been submitted