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  1. David Todd

    WHV to ETA/ 3 month tourist visa - HELP!

    So I left after my second WHV to Bali..essentially a visa run! Had return flights booked 2 months after back to the UK. I left Oz and applied straight away online for the ETA visa.. It was granted within a couple of days, there were a couple of issues regarding applying over a weekend but that is irrelevant for your question so won't go into detail! I flew back the day it was approved and I was asked to speak to the immigration team who took me aside at the airport and asked me of the plan, they levelled with me and said look we all know why people come back on a tourist visa, working 'cashies' etc. I told them I understood and let them know I had no intention of working (which was true) I just gave them a written document of my travel plans before leaving and a copy of my return flights to the UK. I am not sure how a second entry works on an ETA but I assume it would be the same, applying online is the way to go. Hope that helps a little
  2. Good luck with it all Nemesis, My partner and I are doing the same thing in June, keep us posted on anything else you add/find out. I think the only additional thing we are supplying are season passes to a basketball team with have in Perth, whether you have anything else that you guys have joined together as a couple? Also invites/cards I am not sure how much weight immigration put on them..maybe someone else can shed some light??? but it couldn't hurt if you have things in both your names for a wedding or a Christmas card. On top of that i believe you can register your 'defacto' relationship in NSW (the only place you can't is WA) so have a look into that as well, plenty of threads on that. Keep us posted David
  3. David Todd

    820 vs. 309 Defacto

    My partner (Australian) and I (English) will be eligible for the 12 month defacto requirement in July of this year. My current status: I will be on a student visa (subclass 573) until March 2016 with no travel restrictions. I am wondering first of all what affect the defacto application will have on my student visa (RE work limitations, travel limitations) This is assuming I apply onshore. I am also wondering (As I am trying to save as much money as I can for student fees) whether I could go overseas to apply for our visa and return.before it is granted saving about $2000, I just don't know the logistics, whether it would be impossible, what would happen if I came back....what would happen when/if it is granted and I am still in the country....I have read that people have spoken to their CO about coming to aus after applying with a 309.... I have a while to figure this out but I would like to get this confirmed and discussed! Any thoughts would be appreciated, if anything is uncertain please let me know. Thank you. David
  4. David Todd

    OSHC, Student Visa Specifics

    So, Reading up on all the requirements of a student visa, I am about to pay for my OSHC and get my CofEnrolment. All the info is stating I need OSHC for the duration of my student visa (which I will be applying for in November, probably granted by 1st December) BUT my student course starts on Feb 23rd. Just wondering if anyone has had this specific issue? I am currently on a WHV and will be going home in December until my course starts. Basically I want to know when I should start my OSHC cover! If there is a post that has this info I must have overlooked it.
  5. Hey PIO, This forum is certainly the most extensive for all things OZ but I can't seem to find the best discussion for this topic. I am Currently in Oz on a WHV 417...this is my second one and expires on the 15th Nov. My plan is Study (Graduate Diploma of education Primary) and whilst studying get Defacto Visa with my current Girlfriend..then live an amazing teaching life in OZ! BUT Since the course would start in Feb/March 2015 I am wondering what happens for me between 15th Nov and the start. If I get a visa granted would it start from the course start date or the acceptance date? AND It states clearly on the Immi website no work can start until your course does, is there any way to stay on the bridging visa I really need to keep on working to save for the mammoth amount I am paying for the above visas and course! Any thoughts, suggestions and questions would be appreciated, I am a little at a loss! Thanks David