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  1. No list no... I assumed at much but saw it said I am now in the Queue so was wondering if anybody had an avg time from this to approval
  2. Hey all! I received an email today with the subject - Information required to assess your Partner visa application. It was an auto email I believe (copied email below) My main questions are: - Has anyone else received this email? -Before beign assigned a case officer? -If so, how long until you were given a Case Office & were approved? - Is this just a standard email sent after so many months or could I actually be getting closer to being assessed? ( I applied 9 months ago decision ready. Thanks Re: Application for a Stage 1 - Partner visa (820/801) We refer to your application for a Temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) and Permanent Partner visa (subclass 801), lodged on 09-May-2015. Your application has progressed in the queue and you will be contacted once processing of your visa application has commenced. If you have not yet provided the following documentation or information needed to assess your application, please do so now. It is in your interests to submit all documents as a complete package. We will be unable to progress your application until all required documents have been provided.
  3. Thanks for this! Just requested the benefactor thing for our will.. and picked up a will pack to get the ball rolling on this
  4. What sort of documents can we include for joint address? Our bank statements have our address on, Utilities bills are posted in both of our names to the unit in Sydney - is this enough? if not what else can we add to this? (plus all the business documents are address to us both, to our address) is this what you mean?
  5. Thank you! I'm scared that will be our main weakness... Have you had your visa granted yet?
  6. Hey! So me and my partner richie are soon to be submitting our application for our onshore 820 visa and I am so stressed that we don't have enough evidence to support our application. I'm only turning 20 this year and Richie is 21, so i'm concerned that our age may not be in our favour either. Richie is Australian and I am British and we met in June 2013 while I was here on holiday We plan to submit the following Basic Docments: Form 47SP & 40SP - The two main documents that are required All legal documents photocopied - Passports/Birth Certificates/Two passport photos UK police check for myself, Australian police check for myself, Medical examination for myself Our Relationship Registry Certificate that was completed Jan 2015 Proof Of health insurance etc ​Statutory Declarations from - Both of Richies Parents, A Joint Friend, Our previous housemate & one of our business suppliers Additional witness statements from - My grandma & My father stating when they met richie, and why they think were genuine etc (they are in the UK so cannot complete Stat Dec) Proof that our relationship is genuine: Statements from both of us - When/how we met/ how things worked out when we were living opposite sides of the world/ our plans for the future with our business Photos of - Us in Australia(JUNE 2013) Us in england (DEC 2013) Us in Australia (APRIL 2014) and then a collection of photos of us with friends/family at social gatherings, meals, parties, on holiday etc since I have been living in Australia (since june 2014) Itemised phone bills from the months we were living in different countries showing that we remained in contact Screen shot of the 76,798 facebook messages we have sent back and forth A facebook "friendship page" which outlines all public communication we have had with each other since we were together (i.e wall posts, tagged photos, events we went to together All Travel Documents - Richie coming to england DEC 2013 when my mum was terminally ill, Me visiting australia on holiday in APRIL 2014, me moving to australia in JUNE 2014, Our joint travel documents for our holiday/flights/hotel on the gold coast 5 additional hotel invoices from other nights we have spent on weekend trips (AUS & UK) with activity invoices too - (Questacon & Madame Tussauds Copies of both of our gym memberships, joined on the same day Statements of how we equally share housework & split all liabilities - Rent, Shopping etc Financial evidence of the relationship Joint lease in both of our names for our unit in Sydney & Joint Bond Receipt Joint utilities bills in both of our names Joint Bank Account (Only from January 2015 though - we never realised it mattered) Joint Lease (along with richies parents on our new mexican cafe business) Joint ABN/TFN for our business Joint business insurance, supplier account letters Receipts etc showing joint payments on restaurant bills & groceries Please be brutal! Is there anything we are missing, or anything that could possibly make our application any stronger? We really want to get this right and just hope that we have enough! :arghh::rolleyes: Please help & Thank you in advance
  7. Hi guys! Im Lauren, a 19 year old British girl and I am landing in Sydney around this time next month! I've been to australia twice - Last year for two months & in April for a month (both just holidays) and I have decided to do the big move. I have a WHV 417 and plan to do work to qualify for my second year.. Im staying with a friend in Sydney and therefore due to this, I am worried that I will miss out on meeting other travellers in Hostels/events etc and i dont want this to happen. Im looking for travel buddies & general friends to meet & go to events with so that I can meet other travellers and I am more than interested in travelling on different road trips (last year i did a 10 day drive from sydney - Darwin) I have a little knowledge on sydney from being twice so might be able to help with any questions newbies have too Hopefully some people will be in the same position as me and looking for chats/friends too! I have facebook, so please add me on there to chat more and hopefully we can create a group of brits all in the same position to make it all a little easier and less nerve racking! https://www.facebook.com/lauren.wesbury1
  8. Lozacw

    Starting my WHV on 11 June - couple of questions!

    Hi! Im starting my WHV on the 16th of june and mainly staying around sydney. Ive found a house share in the outer surburbs of $130PW which im happy with. I was in Sydney in april for a month, as was surprised how quickly you can spend money if you dont budget so make sure you budget and stick to it! I'd say apply for jobs as soon as youre ready! but theres no harm in starting early, afterall some employers take up to 2 or more weeks to get in touch anyway!
  9. Hi Guys! I'm currently in the process of preparing to move to Australia for a year on a WHV 417 from the UK. I have came up with a list of questions that have been pondering my mind and slightly worrying me. I thought it would be easiest to list them here and if they have been answered in another forum please just feel to link me to the post, & hopefully most of them will get answered. Some may be stupid, but please don't laugh!:chatterbox: Tax What rate will I be taxed at? I read somewhere I can claim back tax? is this true, and how so? How do I get a tax file number and what do I need for it? Is it legal to work when being paid for cash? How do i get taxed when being paid in cash? Money What is the best way to get my money to Australia? Money Corp? draw it out in cash in the uk and then put it into an aussie bank account? How do I prove my funds to the AU border when requested? does it have to be in cash?Can it be in online bank accounts? How do I get a bank account in Australia? What documents do I need to set up a bank account and is there a best bank to go with? IF I take my money in cash, is it better to get it exchanged in the UK or in Australia? Insurance Do I need travel insurance? Is it best to get me covered in Aus or UK company? Will I get a medicare number (like you do on a visit visa) and is it the same process? Driving I only have a Provisional UK licence. Can I drive when in the car with a full qual driver? Do I need to get a Australian L License? Thanks for all your help!
  10. In leaving the uk in early August, Staring off in Sydney with family and then want to blast out my regional work! Try Kakadu National park or head up that way and do crocodile cruises etc. I did a 10 day drive from Sydney - Darwin last year and loved the experience