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    Defacto 457 visa

    Hi, I am currently coming to the end of my 2nd WHV and shall be applying for a defacto visa as my girlfriend is here on a 457. We have lived together for over 6 months, have a joint lease, joint bank accounts and bills in both our names. The last piece of evidence we need is a letter from her employer, I am just wondering into what detail does this letter have to go? Does it simply have to say that they accept me being a defacto on her 457 visa? My second question is in regards to the new costing of said defacto visa......I found the immigration website fairly confusing, but from going through the visa costing table I have come to the conclusion that it shall be $1030....does anyone know from recent experience if this is correct? I originally thought it would be $1700, but because I applied (and was granted) for my 2nd WHV outside of Australia I am under the impression I do not have to pay the extra $700 had I applied for my current visa here. Any info would be greatly appreciated:biggrin: