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  1. helenhere

    Should we save money before EOI?

    Yes, I checked again. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Sorry for the drama.
  2. helenhere

    Should we save money before EOI?

    I am so bummed out. Because of the replies here, I checked the sol and csol list and geophysicist is not on the list. Last week, it was there. How quickly things can change. It is quite an awful feeling. I guess we will be doing the same as you.
  3. helenhere

    Should we save money before EOI?

    Ok, that is about 30k euros. Well, nobody said living a dream comes cheap. I heard that the demand is slowing down also. We better get moving. On another note, my skill is that of a horse trainer. Nobody is looking for that skill, so my husband is on his own. Thanks for the reply. It helped.
  4. helenhere

    Should we save money before EOI?

    My husband says that before we even consider moving or writing an expression of interest, we should save money. I agree, but I wonder how much is enough. Has anybody had their re-location fees paid by their employer? My husband is a geophysicist (PHD) with 10+ years experience in his field, 38 years old, with superior english. I am wondering what amount of savings would be needed to meet any of our needs. Thank you!
  5. helenhere


    If you add it all up... ielts= 190 vetassess= @ 700 visa(husband, wife, child)= 4,600 misc= 500 that comes to.....@ 6000 euros. In Greece, that is a lot of money. Then add tickets and money for the first few months....whew. Has anybody heard of an employer helping with the fees?
  6. helenhere

    6 months in Melbourne and it is breaking us

    No use comparing the two. You just miss home. It is more than just things and people. It is a state of mind. You may be one of those people who need "home" for the good and the bad. No shame in that.
  7. helenhere

    Where to start when deciding to move to Australia?

    I did a quick check and he is on the CSOL list. I looked at one of the territory lists and it said high availability. Another problem is that he is a Geophysics professor. I don't know if that puts him in another catagory. I did a rough point test and he got a 70. Unfortunately, he turns 40 this year, so that took many points away. Oops! Gosh, I shouldn't say "unfortunately". 40 is not old at all. Young, young, young... Anyway, we do not mind about the 2 year thing. We are ready to find somewhere permanent to live. Thanks so much for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  8. Hello, First of all, my husband and I are not British. I am from the USA and my husband is Greek. This is the most informative forum that I have found so far, so I hope you do not mind that I post. Currently, my husband and I live in Greece. He is a Geophysicist (Phd) and I am a housewife. We have a 16 month old son who has dual citizenship (USA/Greek). We desire to live in Australia, but do not know where to begin. We have looked at online job sites for postions for my husband in Australia. There are some, but after reading a bit on the Australian Visa website, we are confused as to whether my husband should follow the skillselect procedure or continue with his job search. Maybe he should do both? I also would like any advice on the English test for him and the job assessment. The assessment seems expensive, but seems that it is crucial for the visa. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!